Vikingsholm on Emerald Bay. Lake Tahoe, California


Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay, California

Vikingsholm, Lake Tahoe
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Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay is one of the most scenic areas in California – some would say this is the prettiest place in the whole state. Vikingsholm is a nordic mansion built on the lake almost 100 years ago, now managed by the state park system. Inside the mansion is fully furnished with mostly original furniture and other historic artifacts, including a Steinway Rosewood Piano commissioned especially for Vikingsholm.

Mark Twain visited Lake Tahoe long before Vikingsholm – in fact I wonder if his writing may have influenced the choice to build there.  Here is Twain on Tahoe in second of two chapters in “Roughing It” that talk about his trip from Nevada to the Lake.
(thanks to Horatiox for the tip!)

2 thoughts on “Vikingsholm on Emerald Bay. Lake Tahoe, California

  1. Ja, “sehr schoen”. And while at the Vikingsholm/Emerald Bay area you can’t see the pollution of the South LT, or the casinos, or mafia-owned condos.

    Mark Twain’s description of Tahoe in “Roughing It” (circa 1860s or so) quite powerful: when Marx/Sam visited there were a few dozen prospectors around and maybe some paiutes.

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