Mossberg on Google Phone

Here is a great early review by Walt Mossberg on the new Google phone.  His initial take seemed to be that it’s not as stylish as the iPhone or as good with media, but the keyboard and interface are nice and this may be the better choice for Google centric phonesters.

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5 Responses to Mossberg on Google Phone

  1. glenn says:

    They will probably capture and record all of your phone calls for prosperity sake…

  2. JoeDuck says:

    Ha – but they already know everything about us from our search streams and visited website lists.

  3. sam says:

    I didn’t like the G-phone afterall. I’m still waiting for the developers to come up with a lot of bigger changes soon and maybe then, i can decide if I change my mind.

  4. FoolsGold says:

    Whew! Am I sure glad that I ain’t no nightclubbing Yuppie who has to have a phone/hand-held web computer with him at all times or he throws a CyberTantrum.

    I don’t need no device whats got a keyboard only an Oriental blackjack dealers nimble fingers could handle. Sure if I’m going to be typing something lengthy I’lll need a real keyboard. Now if I can’t carry that real keyboard with me in some sort of physical or virtual combination, I ain’t a gonna be doin’ much typing at all! So the telephone would only have to give me a map to the nearest computer cafe/library/etc. (No, I don’t care whether its a Google map or not… just want something that shows me where I am and where I want to go).
    Don’t gotta synchronize to nuttin’ either but if I did syncrhonize it sure wouldn’t be more than once a day so I doubt I’d care just what I synchronized to.
    Now price and contractual enslavement… ah, there’s an issue!!

  5. Gareth says:

    Cannot wait forphone to be released in the UK. I have started a site,, and will have all the new android applications on there. I am sure in a years time people will see the true potential of this phone.

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