John Stewart Hates Twitter?!

Hey, John Stewart *hates* Twitter, falling for the correct but misguided criticism that  “it is superficial” .   News flash John – try watching your own network.   OF COURSE TWITTER IS SUPERFICIAL – that’s why it’s exploding in usage!

Let’s see how long Stewart can dodge the Twitter bullet that is becoming almost an essential piece of the interactive media landscape.

I’m having trouble embedding the Daily Show Video because the Daily Show and Viacom are not hip enough to allow YouTube to run these, giving them far more advertising and exposure than they get by restricting the clips to their own site. However, here’s the link if the videos does not appear below:

1 thought on “John Stewart Hates Twitter?!

  1. that’s the conundrum of jon stewart. he’s a fart-joke comedian who feels too strongly about things like the integrity of politics and journalism. i completely agree that it’s ridiculous for congress-man and -women to be tweeting from the chamber floors. it’s unprofessional and some of the examples of the tweets from the program were especially unprofessional and tacky. but unfortunately, on television, it seems like he’s the only one who feels that way. cnn and foxnews anchors eat up the new phenomenon because it’s a phenomenon and the only person who calls it like it is–faddish and juvenile*–is the a person many don’t want to hear it from, and most won’t take it seriously from.

    * faddish and juvenile from their position. i understand that it’s incredibly useful for business men or whatever, but politicians should have more pressing matters at work than letting America know they’re bored at work.

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