CES 2010 Coverage at Technology Report

The show is over and I’m back home in lovely rural Oregon, which is a lot like Las Vegas … if you take away the mega Casinos, lavish hotels, hundreds of national class restaurants, 24/7 dining, hundred-million-dollar theaters, zombie gamblers, throngs of people, massive convention centers, and the nasty city underbelly you find just away from the fancy venues.

For the next several days I’ll be writing up the show from the approximately 400 pictures I took of CES 2010 and Las Vegas over the past week.   That coverage will mostly be over at Technology Report

Although I tend to see things through Web 2.0 colored glasses I really think CES 2010 this year was really pushing the 3D TVs (skeptical of how well consumers will receive this) while ironically much more powerfully showcasing something something that cannot be directly sold – social networking and global device connectivity.

Tim O’Reilly and others have talked about “Web 3.0” which some see as a device-O-sphere  where our computers, cameras, phones, household appliances, cars, etc are all streaming data into online environments where that information can be used by other applications in a variety of ways.    I think we are very close to having the technical ability to do that, and soon we’ll see a lot more websites and other computerized ways to process and learn from that data stream.

Obviously there’s a downside in terms of the fact our personal drivacy is being eroded away but that ship has sailed and I’m optimistic that the Device-O-Sphere will bring us far more efficient ways to use our resources and time.

Inefficiency is massive in all sectors of the world and I think the folks who are fretting far too much about looming catastrophes from things like global warming should be spending a lot more of their valuable time helping to engineer systems that create energy and resource efficiencies by

1.  Finding the waste and 2. eliminating some of that waste.

FYI – start with your conventional water heater – for most turning it down a few degrees won’t create a noticeable change yet it will save more energy than switching off lights from now  through the climate apocalypse.

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3 thoughts on “CES 2010 Coverage at Technology Report

  1. Device-o-sphere? Data streaming between appliances?
    I think it was 20 years ago that a webcam was first focused on an MIT coffeepot. Perhaps coffeepots have ethernet ports now. I don’t know. Now sure I want my home wine bar sending data on my booze consumption anywhere just for some theoretical automatic re-ordering of the olives for the martinis.
    It may become a part of ubiquitous computing: refrigerators have wifi data capability simply because its the thing to do. I can’t imagine why a stove would need a GPS device but one enterprising builder recently concealed a GPS tracking device inside a stove and when the house he was building was looted, he gave the police the location of the thief accurate to 20 feet. Presently we attach data collection and transmission capability on an adhoc basis such as when the police want to “follow” a suspect’s car or we are curious about our spouse’s activities. Soon data collection and networking capability may indeed be embedded at time of manufacture.
    I can just see someone at home thinking: Now where did I leave my carkeys, wallet and my pen. And HAL’s synthetic voice responds to your brain waves with: Your carkeys are by the door, your wallet is up in the bedroom being presently emptied by your wife and your pen is by the Martini Bar where you left it when you tried unsuccessfully to re-set the counter to zero.

  2. the nasty city underbelly

    The real Vegass, sort of crawling around the edges and hidden inside the pyramid-casinos–USA Babylon, man.

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