Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage List



I’m planning the 2011 trip to Vietnam, taking a look at all the great places which I’ll have to narrow down to the ten or so I’ll be able to visit in my trip of about 3 weeks which is also going to include Angor Wat in Cambodia.   Hanoi, nearby Ha Long Bay, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and Historic Hoi An are already “must sees” for me.

2 thoughts on “Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  1. Be sure to sample the local cuisine, Duck. Freshly slaughtered bat, brought to the table. Sabroso! (j-k)

    Some vietnamese food’s pretty tasty–similar to thai, tho’ not quite as exotic (thai a bit…superior, IMHE). Lots of coconut, seafood, sugar (too much pork, alas–as with much asian food, excepting indian perhaps).

    A trip to Angkor Wat complex would be bodacious, tho’ a bit of drive from ‘Nam. Be sure to check out some of the bone fields. 😐

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