Oregon Coast … Mobile

Good time to review a few projects I’m associated with or working on now, and thank folks (esp. FoolsGold) for the many excellent suggestions provided over the years to improve the websites.

Over at the Online Highways empire we’re working on a mobile application for travel along the Oregon Coast that will be located at OHWY.mobi  and will feature a very simple mobile optimized architecture that branches out to Coastal Cites, Coastal Lodging, Coastal Attractions, and more.     I’m still not convinced that .mobi websites will take off as much as many believe they will because I think smartphones will get better fast and we’ll see a lot more optimization on the fly for regular websites, but it’s a good base to cover.     I’ll be trying out the dot mobi “mobi translation” routine soon which will allow me to create some .mobi sites from my Airports and Airlines information at QuickAid.com Airport Directory and and the Airport City Codes site.

Meanwhile, after failing for a very long time to find a good and inexpensive Drupal developer to finish  Retire USA, a Retirement Information Database, website, blog, and  more including the most followed Retirement related account on Twitter. I’m taking it on myself as an HTML project.    I’ll be extracting the Drupal data to a regular database we can enhance over time, and then use HTML templates and a merge routine to get a site that will look a lot like the Drupal site we had planned.     I could be wrong but I think I’ll have a simpler and faster site with almost the same functionality as Drupal.

MedicalTraveling.net is another new blog that will have a database of high quality hospitals around the world that do procedures, operations, exams, etc for lower costs than here in the great old USA.      Medical Travel and Medical Tourism articles and news will also be featured.

But wait…… there’s MORE!

6 thoughts on “Oregon Coast … Mobile

  1. You forgot one, Duck:

    Melinda Gates’ Vagina

    Now, that might be a moneymaker, and politically relevant as well. :]

    Serio, your AGW discussions probably don’t move much product but somewhat informative.

  2. I would tend to agree that the dotMobi domain level will not be useful as it is basically just too late out of the gate.

    Whether one uses a smartphone or a netbook the website and the phone/netbook/laptop will automatically communicate location and display information making the dotMobi urls superfluous.

    I think what is likely to develop is an auto-beacon system wherein a coffee shop broadcasts “I’m a coffeeshop at Lat/Long..here is a digital discount coupon” to nearby cell phones. And a person who wishes to plan his itinerary for the next day simply extends his reach to his next day’s intended destination and grabs that now geographically remote signal to plan his travels. I sure hope such a system is PULL not PUSH.

    • Excellent FoolsGold – I think you are both right and clever to suggest a sort of ‘beacon’ system. Also agree it will probably be best for users as pull rather than push where the user
      has most of the control of the advertising experience but I’m skeptical that’s a sustainable early approach. As Google has demonstrated (with most people not even realizing how aggressive they have benn pushing ads on them), you can’t be passive about advertising or people don’t click enough.

      • Twitter was a free service without any ads, until they gained market share.
        I’ll admit they might have gained market share earlier with more aggressive marketing but it hasn’t hurt them to gain market share first then start using it commercially.

  3. Well, we don’t really know if Twitter made the right decision to avoid ads until now, when they’ve begun dipping very lightly into the potential value of we legions of tweeters. I actually think they should have initiated passive forms of ads earlier so people would be habituated more to seeing ads. Now it’ll be hard to insert more than a small number of commercial bits without folks complaining as they have when Facebook has (often too secretly) schemed to improve their monetization.

    I’m hoping Twitter maintains a lot more transparency than Google or Facebook have done with their data collection and monetization strategies. If they do, I predict people will tolerate a lot more advertising than otherwise.

  4. Great information on how to find safe, high quality doctors and hospitals while traveling abroad from medical attention. I maintain a blog which discusses the medical tourism industry — as well as general health and wellness content — as it pertains to Mexico and the world. I am also excited to see good quality blogs like this one. Please check out my site at http://www.medtravelmexico.org. I’m also on Twitter @MedTravelMexico. Thanks and have a great day!

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