Google Chromebook Computer

Google just announced a new computing platform called “Chromebook” that looks very promising.    Working with partners Samsung and Acer, the new computers will optimize the computing experience for the web, taking advantage of Google’s Android operating system, the Google Chrome browser, gmail, Google documents, Google maps, and the many other great web-centric products Google has cooked up since they began their amazing online journey from obscure search engine to online advertising juggernaut.

More about Google Chromebook at Technology Report

Official Google Blog: A new kind of computer: Chromebook

Intro to Chromebook

3 thoughts on “Google Chromebook Computer

  1. Will optimize shekels-flow for Brin and Page and GoogleCo as well.

    Speaking of taxes, Google should be paying them–then, the Feds should have filed an antitrust suit on the Big G. years ago.

    • Blogger’s been down for a day (read only).
      Perhaps the Google einsteins ought to repair Blogger before they move on to Chromebook. :]

      Chromebook looks interesting–but comes with all sorts of proprietary apps; ie, you get what Chrome gives you. Will Consumer X be able to load the usual email/browsers, etc? or maybe it’s the “NO Microsoft” rule in effect.

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