You’ll probably want to ignore this post unless you are … Googlebot! Or Retired. Or a Retired Googlebot?

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OK, so this is kind of clever and kind of pathetic all at the same time.    Google can take too long to index new content, but Joe Duck has good “authority” with Google (ie Google knows the blog is legitimate, regularly updated, and thus sort of assumes it’s actually read by real people who are breathing real globally warmed earthly air).   Links from this blog are therefore often “indexed” by Google, which again reasonably assumes those links are not spammy junk.    Often Googlebot will “follow” the links at those links in an effort to fully index and rank new content as it pours online.

We have a great new project launching any minute now called “”   The idea is a database of Retirement related information, organized by about 250 popular retirement city / regions across the United States.

So Googlebot, please start indexing our thousands of records at Retire USA!   Thanks Google!     Any humans reading NOTE that these records will be changed and improved over the co ming weeks as I complete the templates for this project.    The  index or “home page” will soon have a clickable map of states from which Retirement folks can drill down to cities of interest and from there to categories of interest.   We’re also enlisting quite a few folks to help with the blog portion which will feature writing about retirement issues from experts all over the country.

If you are interested in writing about Retirement issues such as travel, retirement communities, real estate, or travel please send me an email at  These are NOT paid positions but fame may await you if we succeed … and you are patient …

We’ve faced many challenges

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