WordPress Tips and Tricks

I love WordPress as a great blogging tool and good general content management program. Here are some tips that might come in handy for others:

WordPress FAQ

WordPress support is better than most paid support systems.

Smiley (emoticon) support allows many expressions in posts and comments or the smilies can be disabled via blog control panel.

* Upload problems? Try hitting the browser “Stop loading page” (in Firefox it’s the “X”)

* Set up a domain name rather than using yourname.wordpress.com –
$10 extra to WordPress per year. – Use these DNS settings at your registrar.

Then go buy $10 in credits at WordPress – via “upgrades” tab at dashboard.
Then go to your dashboard / options / domains and add “www.YourDomainName.com”

Your blog will then be the same as you site rather than a separate domain called YourDomainName.wordpress.com

You can also simply “forward” your domains to the blog using “DNS” settings at your registrar. Forward to: http://YourBlogNameHere.wordpress.com
This may NOT work for up to 48 hours.

* Change the file name: Use EDIT PAGE, Page Slug. Changing the page slug gives you a new filename and (brilliantly) even forwards the OLD page name to the new one so you don’t have to mess with old link problems.

* Flickr WordPress photo embeds.

Here is the best list of WordPress Tips I have seen online – over a hundred tips on various WP items.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Tips and Tricks

  1. I’m not sure I like this WordPress theme.

    I’m viewing it on Firefox/ and the columns over on the right seem to blend into each other.

    This text box is bleeding into the little icons of recent commenters. The text about them overlaps the list of blogs that you’ve provided links to.

    Maybe the problems are my browser settings, maybe the theme, maybe WordPress, maybe Firefox??


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