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Las Vegas Nevada is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Remarkably, almost all of the Las Vegas resorts, casinos, hotel rooms, restaurants, and attractions are concentrated along or very near the Las Vegas Strip, an extremely busy stretch of boulevard about 4 miles long but only a few blocks in width.

Here’s a link to a summary of the Las Vegas Strip and an excellent Las Vegas Strip Map

Recent efforts to focus more attention on the Downtown region and the original casinos in the Fremont Street area such as Binyon’s and the Four Queens have brought the spectacular “Fremont Street Experience” to the downtown area. Here are some pictures of the Fremont Street Area

Despite the revival of the downtown area, it’s the Las Vegas Strip where most of the action remains, and where you will find many of the world’s largest and most extravagant hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and, of course, Las Vegas Casinos.

It’s important to note that the Las Vegas Convention Center is not along the strip. The Convention Center and the Las Vegas Hilton are about a mile from the strip via Tropicana Boulevard. The Las Vegas Monorail is a great way to get from the strip to the Convention Center or the Hilton.

Las Vegas – Early History

Las Vegas Pictures

I’m in Las Vegas at least once a year for conferences and I’m going to try to create a simple guide to the Las Vegas Strip, targeted to people who are unfamiliar with the area and trying to focus on how to have a fun time without spending too much money. Generally if you stay away from the casino action you’ll find Las Vegas full of interesting, often free attractions and great food. Many would say that Las Vegas is not a good family destination. However you could plan a trip around family centered attractions like Circus Circus, New York New York, The Stratosphere, the MGM Grand, the Luxor, and more, all of which have large amusement areas and spectacular rides that the kids will love.

Here’s a great list of Las Vegas Attractions

Next time I’m in Las Vegas (that’ll be November) I hope to eat at Chinois in Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops.    Zeke Quezada has the best advice anywhere about Las Vegas and he says this is the best restaurant in Las Vegas – a city that has some of the best dining you’ll find anywhere in the world.    Click here for Zeke’s guide to the best of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Blog 

57 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. Hi Joe,

    I have to say, I love Las Vegas too! It’s a mild obsession. If there is such a thing as mild obsession. You know for one of my last projects in grad school I tried to do a 3D map of all the buildings. I had to settle for extracting all the buildings to their height based on their parcel, but it still turned out looking pretty cool and what it looks like from the air. I should see if I can dig that up…

    I hope to go in March to celebrate my 30th birthday if I can drag any of my friends along, luckily one of my friends lives nearby so she has to go. I just went in August to celebrate finishing my coursework… I took amtrak all the way from chicago. That was great (well for the most part) I stayed in four diffferent hotels during that stay…..Venetian, Westin Casurina, Tropicana, and Golden Nugget…I’ve also stayed at the Flamingo and Luxor…lots of fun!

    Do you have any favorite places to stay? I tend to prefer the south end of the strip. I liked Luxor a lot and would like to stay at Mandalay. Suprsingly, I really want to go back to the Westin!

  2. Hey Joe, I am building a blog around the Business Golf opportunities out in Vegas since about 60% of all Vegas visitors partake in golf on one of the over 300 golf courses out there while attending business conferences. Vegas is becoming a great place for associations to have their conferences and I will be writing on how Business Golf will help extend that Business Expense while out there… Look for my NEW Site in 2007…

  3. Vegas is indeed an awesome city.. it’s kind of like New York.. everyone knows the big attractions (Broadway, Times Square, etc…) but there are many many hidden gems that are only a few miles away from the center of attention. Awesome links to maps and more info.. that’ll be extremely helpful for my next trip out there 😛
    New York Real Estate

  4. Hi Joe,

    I just came across your site and enjoyed the visit. We think alike. I too get to Vegas about once or twice a year and decided to create a site of interest to visitors, especially first-time visitors. is six plus months old. The first article, Must See Attractions started when one of my sons visited for the first time. When he got back, he missed seeing a bunch of stuff. My latest addition which is in the early stages is Las Vegas Golf Courses. Google Earth allows users a good look at some of the exclusive golf courses they may never see otherwise such as Wynn and Shadow Creek, each at a reported $500 green fee. I hope to have that article done later this summer. I still have to do off-strip attractions such as The Palms, Rio, etc. but it is all in the plan. I was there in Feb. 2007 and will be back out there this summer. Next time you are in Vegas, if you happen to walk by the Jesters Lounge in the Excalibut just yell out “I’m Joe from Southern Oregon”. If I’m there I will introduce myself.

  5. Downtown casinos used to offer ‘downtown odds’ and better, if less glitzy, buffets so as to compete with the mega glitz of the Strip. Also for a long time downtown casinos would use fifty cent pieces, an unheard of anathema on the strip. Binions used to be a mecca for real gamblers with Benny Binion once booking a quarter million dollar pass line bet. At the nearby California Club, the worlds longest (over three hour) craps roll took place. Now Binions is no great shakes at all. Main Street Station is nearby and offers 20x odds and micro-brew beers.

    Strip glitz is fine but Casino Royale is the only place in town that offers 100x odds and two dollar tables!

    Off-Strip local places often feature retirees who gamble in all day stints and have not paid for a room or a meal in years.

    Luxor opens shortly The Cathouse wherein all female employees are clad in 1890 San Francisco Cathouse attire. Yes, the ads for the dealers mentioned fish net stockings and more than usually skimpy attire. Some strip glitz gets rather specific age groups and many of the frenetic nightclubs have exclusive policies and separate entrances.

  6. FoolsGold you are quite a renaissance guy to know Vegas as well as your other tidbits ‘o wisdom! If only I could play good blackjack I’d head down to Vegas more often!

  7. Any Snapper (bj dealer) will tell you that playing basic strategy is rather simple and involves a 2.0 percent house edge against you or a 2.0 percent player edge in your favor IF you are a very good card counter. The trouble is that casinos get rich on card counters who only think they are good and escort off the premises those card counters who really are good. With only a two perent edge against you, free drinks plus comps for room and meals…bj can be good IF your discipline is good.

    Easiest is Bacarrat. With its 1.8 percent house edge and stylish cachet it can be okay financially, but it sure is boring.

    Craps has a 1.414 percent house edge and at the aforementioned 100x odds such as would be available at Casino Royale the house edge is reduced to an infintessimle 0.09 percent advantage. You still get the excitement, the free drinks, the meal comps and the half-naked women. (Although I would only play at Casino Royale, never stay, eat or drink there). Still the house edge is so low that sticking to basic strategy will make things fun for you. The problem is that music, free drinks, etc. tend to make people listen to that stick man who is trying to get you to make bets with at 16.67 percent house edge. It takes discipline.
    The Free Odds Bet at craps is the ONLY bet in the casino that you can make that is totally fair: no house edge and no player edge. If you go to Vegas, you might as well do that odds bet for awhile because no other bet exists in the casino that doesn’t have an edge in favor of the house!

  8. I never went to the US, but I have to make sure that it’ll be Las Vegas if I will go. Thanks for the nice links on everything, it seems so attractive!

  9. I have been living in Reno for seven years, and I plan on going to Las Vegas in the future because I’m so curious about what everyone is talking about…LLLLAAAASSSS Vegas! Reading your article gave me a different perspective about visiting Las Vegas. Thank you!

  10. … casinos get rich on card counters who only think they are good and escort off the premises those card counters who really are good.

    Excellent points FG though I think I read that cards are not the big profit maker – rather slots make them rich and the table games, food and hotels keep them in biz.

    Here’s a great article about Casino profits – looks like table games do better than I thought but not as well as slots:

  11. Things change.

    It used to be that craps was the big money maker.

    After Thorpe’s “Beat the Dealer” was on the best seller list for so long, casinos that had originally been worried were tearing out craps tables and expanding the blackjack tables to accommodate all those would-be card counters who thought they could count-down blackjack decks.

    Alot of casino owners didn’t really want to have slot machines since originally they were considered the province of those too dumb to play craps or do addition up to 21. Soon, however, casinos learned that slot machines didn’t have to get a paycheck, never asked for a raise or health benefits and were bringing in alot of novice gamblers. Most real gamblers consider the mere concept of a slot machine to be revolting and only tourists and casino managers like mindless slot machines.

    Poker rooms tend to quite crowded these days. And the casino usually takes ‘a rake’ from each pot, its the players who win and lose since they are gambling with each other. While a small fraction of total revenue, its an important one. Particularly as popularity of the game waxes and wanes, casinos have to respond. With Asian wealth increasing so much now, Pai Gow Poker and Pai Gow Tiles are booming. Many High Roller rooms now hire dealers who have multiple Asian languages and can deal atleast three games.
    It used to be that bacarrat was played only in the evening and only in evening dress, now alot of places have these darned ‘minibacarrat’ tables and the game brings in less than it used to but is always available in a High Roller room.

    It used to be that rooms and restaurants were always run at a loss, then the corporation bean counters ascended the throne and now everything is a cost center. With land on the strip going at slightly over fifty million an acre, the casinos know that mindlessly playing slot machines may be a joke to real gamblers but the casinos have been laughing all the way to the bank for years. The mega resort casinos are booming, but the ones making most of the money are the less opulent smaller casinos some of which don’t even cater to tourists.

  12. More good points FG. I read Thorpe long ago but still I can’t count ’em right. I hadn’t seen that 50 million an acre number before. If only we could have bought land on the strip back in the 1940/50s …

    It used to be that rooms and restaurants were always run at a loss, then the corporation bean counters ascended the throne and now everything is a cost center

    Yes, and I think many see this shift as ushering in a sort of renaiassance for Las Vegas which is now filled with fancy expensive restaurants, clubs and increasingly extravagant themed hotels.

    The one stat you cite above that I’d question is the idea that the opulent casinos are not making the most money, unless you mean profit as percentage of revenues. I can’t believe that a “local” property like “Terribles” makes more profit than an MGM Grand or Bellagio.

  13. Oh sure the MGM Grand takes more to the bank, but just think what it would cost to “upgrade” the MGM Grand whereas Terribles recently added 42 inch plasma TV sets and a parking structure. For the amount invested, Terribles gets a better return and their customers gamble rather than gawk. A room at 452 a night means the MGM guest will be wealthy. A room at 42 a night means that the Terrible’s guest is there to gamble!

  14. I’m going to las vegas this coming december holiday, i will sure go to eat at Chinois in Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops. Thanks for you advice.


  15. FG it’s almost painful to the economic part of my brain to “do the math” on Las Vegas remodelling. They’ll tear down a building worth $500,000,000 so they can build one for 1,500,000,000 and hope to make hundreds million more than otherwise. The *real* high stakes gambling in Las Vegas is done by the multinational corporations that build there.

  16. There are certain industries wherein a profit is more assured than in others. The casinos know that the odds are in their favor. If they win, they take your money. If they lose, they take onlya portion of your money. For each roll, it favors them.
    If the economy turns sour, those who might travel abroad will instead go to Vegas. If the economy is booming, those who go to Vegas have more that they can afford to lose.

    “Winnings” are booked by a casino as “loans to a gambler that are repayable at any casino”. The casinos know they will get that money back. Many of a casino’s patrons are rather ignorant and choose the bets least likely to pay off for them. ALL a casino needs is to get people in the door!
    Some casinos do have to “stay on the escalator” of greater expansion as casinos become MegaResorts rather than just large gambling halls, but in Vegas you can add up all the restaurant, spa and nightclub businesses and you still have alot of money floating around. Much of it floats toward the casinos one way or another. Sure some high rollers will make the headlines such as the Texan who when he boasted his business was worth 100 million dollars had an Australian who promptly said to him “Toss you for it, Mate” but most of the money is made on the tourists who lose six hundred dollars and still leave town smiling and vowing to return.

  17. most of the money is made on the tourists who lose six hundred dollars and still leave town smiling and vowing to return

    Exactly right. You get a pretty lucrative equation when you can turn a *small* profit on a lot of sales. When you turn a *large* profit on a lot of sales you get … Las Vegas.

  18. ALL casinos will provide free Room, free meals, and free drinks, free show tickets, free limosines, etc. if you bring enough money and bet it. You don’t have to lose that money to them, just bet it. They don’t mind if you win, as long as you bet it. (Actually, they usually insist you wire transfer the money to them first, then draw on it once you reach the casino).

    Best Casino?? Depends what game(s) you want to play, what sort of room you like, what sort of food you like, etc. Some casino goers like to see sports stars or movie stars around the place, I’d prefer to avoid seeing them!

  19. The ultimate in dealer aspirations used to be Caesar’s Palace but after the Harrah’s takeover Caesars Palace’s reputation has diminished and now The Venetian seems to be the topmost expectation for dealers.

  20. Palazzo, The Venetian’s sister property, has opened.
    Rather luxurius ofcourse. Excellent food.
    Its probably the Strip’s most prestigous property now.

  21. IRS looking into the intense Nightclub Scene in Las Vegas with so much cash rumored to be going to doormen and managers for guaranteed entry into “hot” clubs housed in the various casinos.

    One Indian tribe looking to by land at the end of the strip, but another Indian tribe in California simply planning to build a hotel at its California casino and make all the rooms free to gamblers all the time.

  22. Really interesting FG. When I was down there last month for CES, waiting to get into the Hard Rock’s hip, busy, and fairly new nightclub called “Body English”, it was interesting to see the doormen at work. Very inconsistent rules. It would not surprise me if those guys could take in some big money even though I did not see that.

    Las Vegas club advice: bring earplugs if you value your cochlea

  23. Those clubs have great Press Releases and often the figures are exaggerated. Rumors of doormen getting a grand to let someone into the club are probably designed to benefit the club’s popularity, I don’t know if doormen ever really receive that much, though I’m sure a C-note is common. The Venetian gets the benefit of the publicity for Tao but doesn’t run the club at all.

    Bottle Service is the only way to get a drink since the club is so crowded.

    Perhaps the best way to do the martini consumption is to go to Green Valley Spa and Casino in Henderson where your room comes with its own Martini Bar of Grey Goose and extra large olives. Or just do the microbrews in some of the casinos: cheap, good, fresh and close to the tables!!

    Vegas caters to all desires … as long as they don’t interfere with the casino’s drop.

  24. I didn’t realize the Venetian didn’t run the TAO. Those clubs must take in a very tidy amount with drinks running $8-12 and a 2 person table tab easily topping $100. More for interest than fun I try to visit one of the big name clubs per trip – this usually jives with the conference party schedule.

  25. Vegas changes… fast! Values change fast too.
    If you are ‘valuable’ to the casino (ie, likely to lose to them or already have alot of their money that they want back) they will fawn all over you and give you anything you want. The moment you do lose that money and your value diminishes, you are worthless to them and the most you can expect is some go away quietly money. The Casino Manager values your cash and doesn’t give one whit about your character. (Only the High Brush in a poker room will deal with you on the basis of your character irrespective of your financial situation).

    There used to be only ‘Downtown’. And Downtown used to only feature sawdust joints. Then Downtown started featuring lights and carpets and free drinks. Later ‘The Strip’ opened up and offered gambling in style, albeit a very glittery and shallow style. So for quite some time ‘Downtown’ and ‘The Strip’ competed: The strip had glitter, downtown had better odds and competed on quality rather than glamour, but it was still an emphasis on the drop in the casino.

    Then along came the MegaResorts and the growth in “the Vegas Experience” rather than just the casino. Gone forever are the days when the Imperial Palace could be built with nary a single bathtub because baths kept guests away from the casino longer than showers did. Now its all “the Las Vegas Experience” and there are shows, shopping, restaurants, nightclubs and they are no longer just viewed as ancilliary to the casino’s drop box. Long lines and admission charges at casino swimming pools are common these days. Now golf, horseback rides, bar hopping and beauty spas are as much a part of the Vegas experience as the blackjack tables are. The glitzy nightclubs are run by young, hip party promoters who know nothing about slot machines and don’t plan on learning about them!
    And perhaps a backlash is developing: during a recent Internet Search symposium some of the breakout sessions were held not at the mega glitzy and mega expensive Pure or Tao but at a five dollar minimum bet craps table with free drinks!
    As I said: Vegas changes. Fast.

  26. >I didn’t realize the Venetian didn’t run the TAO.

    One problem with these super-trendy nightclubs is that the relentless pursuit of tips often leads to a backlash being visited upon the resort, not just the hip “in-spot”. Mega-casino resorts spend fortunes teaching their employees to have a ‘customer service attitude’ and then those resorts foolishly outsource the nightclubs. As the customers at the nightclubs are hustled for tips the customers rebel. A craps dealer couldn’t get away with a fraction of the tip-hustling that goes on in the nightclubs. Yet people who return from Vegas tell their friends about the experience at the MegaResort when what they really are upset about is their experience at the OutsourcedNightclub. The MegaResort’s reputation suffers… and situations like that will not be good for profits.

  27. I do realize the “concentrate on core values” business theme wherein a casino concentrates its resources on a casino, not on a hip, trendy nightclub, but by outsourcing too much the Casino will eventually see the drop decline and might not even know thats its due to disgruntled clubbers who didn’t like being reemed for tips all the time.

  28. Well, once again we have a movie about beating the casinos. Ofcourse its a Hollywooded treatment of what really happened and its emphasis is all wrong. Some of it is a bit absurd. One bit player who was actually in casino surveillance couldn’t get through his few lines without laughing since it was so foolish dialog. Yet, despite all the dumbing down of the movie and its misplaced emphasis, it just might start another spurt of would-be card counters dropping a bundle at the blackjack tables.

  29. I’ve seen the trailers and assume it’s about the MIT card counting crew. There’s a PBS documentary about them that is excellent and fascinating.

    What does the guy with $0 left in his pocket and the nice suit say after an evening of blackjack?

    “I can count cards”

  30. Actually, even with marginal skills one could gain fairly quickly if you could *vary the bet size* as much as you wanted (you can’t at any Casino). ie Bet $1 on all hands and just keep rough track until the deck was heavy with 10 J K Q A, then bet $1000 until the 10s were not obivously rich. You have a slight edge in the rich deck, and a small disadvantege in normal play.

  31. Thats why for a long time most card counting has been in teams wherein a signal is given while a counter maintains his customary sized bets. Goood counters usually play to an up to two percent advantage, but the MIT students were also cutting to the ace and following a slug of cards thru the play so that they knew the order. This allowed them to have significant advantages if they played multiple hands. It was more than mere card counting, but that aspect has been Hollywooded in the movie, I’m told.
    Many casinos welcome card counters because they are only ‘fair counters’ and the casino still likes their action. Some counters take the casino for a good sized chunk of change now and then, but their spouses consistently drop a bundle so the casino realizes a net gain.

  32. Well, I just took a look at the stats and it seems that of the seven Stations casinos three of them are presently offering a Big3 bingo wager that is currently a positive expectation for the player. Thats rare in Vegas. Usually the house as an edge and all bets have a negative expectation for the player. Ofcourse its not worth a trip to Vegas to make a Big3 bingo bet or even a trip thru rush hour traffic, but if anyone is already staying at SantaFe Station the Big3 bet is at a positive expectation right now. Enjoy the Hotel Room’s Decadent Chocolates and Intimacy Kit too.

  33. I just checked again and the Santa Fe Big3 hit four days after I posted the above message and is no longer one of those that are at a positive expectation for the player. The Fiesta’s Big3 is still at a positive expectation for the player.

  34. Clicks ‘n Bricks: With internet gambling in such a state of flux as far as legislation and practical enforcement goes, I am surprized at the continued investment of Billions of dollars into mega-developments in Las Vegas.

    Sure there are some temporary soft spots in the condominium and loft markets in Vegas and even some multimillion dollar homes are being foreclosed, but in general the ultra-large casino projects are continuing and range from upscale markets to the market consisting of Las Vegas “locals”.

  35. Porn peddlers on the steet used to be an annoyance but now they seem to be more aggressive. Three young “porn slappers” recently attacked a fifty year old, out of shape guy on the strip.

    Even just a few years ago, such an incident would have resulted in broken hands for each of the porn slappers. Now such aggressive behavior toward a tourist seems to be tolerated.

  36. While there are many casinos who give the player a fair shake for their money, it would seem that most casinos are more akin to shearing sheds wherein they pen the lambs and clip them.

    Casinos are generally festive places and in most states players are freely provided with alcohol. (Some states, either ban alcohol or ban free alcohol). There is loud music and a generally noisy and festive (and distracting) atmosphere.

    Sobriety issues aside, many players are relatively ignorant of the games, odds and payouts involved. Most players are easily misled by ‘the possible’ and forget about ‘the probable’. Focusing on an infitessimle chance to win a million dollars is easier than on the overwhelmingly high liklihood of losing the modest bet.

    Many customers in a casino engage in various bad bet games such as Bingo, Keno, Big Wheel, Let It Ride or slot machines. Many players at slot machines have no idea what the payout table is and no real desire to learn about it. It is the casino owner’s dream patron. Even some players at roulette will be at a 5.5 percent edge wheel when right next to them a table is open that has a 2.25 percent wheel. Player ignorance helps the casino!

    Some casinos really “sweat the money” and are not willing to actually gamble with the patron. These casinos often encourage small bets rather than allow larger bets in case a player might actually win some of the time. Some casinos offer poor payouts at BlackJack but are able to brazenly post their practices on their massively impressive signage at the main entrance. The BlackJack players don’t even know that 6:5 is a ripoff and they should insist on 3:2 or not play at that casino at all.

    Casinos deal with ignorant players, often inebriated, willing to lose their money and even expecting to lose it. This is the casino manager’s dream player.

    Much of what a casino does will have negative long term effects but casino managers are rewarded for short term effects only and wall street rewards casino owners for short term changes in the bottom line.

    Only a few casinos actually offer, by choice or by competitive requirements, a fair shake to their players. Many casinos compete by offering non-glitzy amenities such as movie theaters, low-key and no-cover lounges, cheap rooms and cheap food. The better casinos also offer a better deal at the tables.

    The problem is that casino managers seem to think they have an unlimited supply of ignorant sheep to be shorn and that there will be an endless stream of customers willing to foolishly bet at casinos that don’t offer them a fair shake for their money. Eventually all these ‘sweat the money’ tricks are going to cause the gamblers to rebel. Gamblers will eventually demand a fair shake for their money. And if they don’t get it, the players will walk!

  37. Hi Joe,

    Do you think there’s an age limit on Vegas? I’m 60+ single woman and felt like vegas swallowed me up alive. I felt very insecure there and really couldn’t wait to leave. The desert areas AROUND vegas, on the other hand, were breathtaking and I’d go back there in a second. Here’s more about my experiences there:

    I do enjoy knowing that there is, so to speak, an art to vegas vacationing. I enjoy your writing, thank you!

  38. Hi Martha – hey, what a great blog you have over there – keep me posted as you move ahead:

    I think the appeal of Las Vegas really varies depending on personality more than age. Last year at the CES Las Vegas mega conference I noted a huge number of “over 55” folks waiting in line at a Hilton venue – it turned out it was the Barry Manilow show. If I’m guessing right Manilow is not your idea of a great evening, and I think folks who really want to experience the amazing natural wonder of the SW should stay away from Vegas. I’m a hiker and feel guilty for never going to the nearby natural wonders because I rarely have a car there and usually have a full conference card, but eventually I’ll do that – probably with the family.

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