“Second Day” working in the new office – how productive can I get?

Well, I think I’ll consider this my first “real” day in the new office. I did work a bit here yesterday but mostly played speed chess. Wireless here is much faster than downstairs, probably due to signal coming through windows vs walls.

I thought I was NOT going to get to speak about Travel internet at SES Nanjing China in March but they may change their minds – apparently they are making it very bilingual and will have translator help. In any case I’ll get to China in some capacity over the next two years because it’s where the action is going to be – perhaps for the next 100 years. Also a wonderful travel place – or so I’ve heard.

I started two new blogs today and hope in doing so to create a better system for organizing my interests. The Founders Blog is resurrecting the architects of the American Experiment and has them commenting on the news and events of today. The Founders are BACK.

Actually the founders are pleased with the success of the American Experiment as an engine of entrepreneurial capitalistic success, but deeply concerned about the degree to which both liberal and conservative governance now obstructs their original ideals. These obstructions include an incomprehensibly monstrous socio-military beauracracy, a bully like American Empire, the erosion of personal and collective liberties in the name of homeland security and global hegemony, taxing the country’s golden geese as well as the middle class to pay for grossly inefficient implementations of health, social services, and military systems, and perhaps most importantly failing to inspire Americans to make our country a shining beacon of freedom and prosperity in a troubled world.

Yup, The Founders are BACK, and boy are they PISSED!

The second blog project is “dialog“, where I’ll be experimenting with a …. better way to use blogs.

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