Laziness and self interest as the means of production?

One of the most common and legitimate criticisms of both  public and private sector enterprises is that they are run in ways that serve narrow, often selfish interests rather than the broad public good.  

In the private sector this takes the form of profitability, sometimes attained at the expense of "doing the right thing".  In the public sector one often finds that spending can be very inefficient due to lack of incentives – sometimes more a function of political pressure and interest group influences than common sense and the public good.

In many cases one could argue that in business the short term return on investment is too important where in Government it's not important enough.

Whoops – I got off the point.  I was wondering about how a model of production would look if you characterized activity primarily in terms of how people *avoid* work and feather their own nests at other's expense.  How businesses use regulation to thwart competition and create unneeded goods and services.

Just a thought 

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