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Those poor folks in the 99% who only have 8 million to their name.

After some time looking I finally found the number I’ve been after, which is the cutoff point in terms of the wealth of those elusive and mysterious  “1% people” everybody is talking about.  Here’s the excellent research document: We … Continue reading

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Rotator Cuff Exercises

After starting up Tennis again I’m already experiencing what I think is a rotator cuff irritation so it’s time to look for some rotator cuff exercises so hopefully I can play without injury or pain.   It’s hard getting old! … Continue reading

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Berkeley Earth Project

The Berkeley Earth Project is a very ambitious attempt to accurately assess the state of “Global Warming” in a very systematic and scientific way, free from the many biases, politics, and advocacy challenges that have arguably plagued the process to … Continue reading

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Misplaced compassion … kills

One of the most obvious things I assert is also the thing that bothers people the most.   It’s that most of us tend to fret or show  compassion over trivial or questionable things while we ignore the catastrophic circumstances … Continue reading

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Does your Storytelling Trump the Truth?

One of the greatest confusions of my life has been watching otherwise very sharp folks descend into a sort of silly crazed madness – or at least incoherency – with respect to complex topics like politics, economy, global warming, etc. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

…. and a Happy Holiday time to everybody as well.   I hope today finds you and yours safe, warm, and happy and that 2009 is a prosperous year.

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Fox News Alert: Universe Still Expanding at Speed of Light

Despite a fair amount of college physics and math, and the insights that come from being a living conscious being on planet earth which you’d think would give some insight into the nature of the reality we experience on a … Continue reading

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