Clear and Present Danger

Another great movie I somehow missed until today.   This is a Tom Clancy "Jack Ryan" drama where Harrison Ford must pit wits, honesty, and incredibly lucky odds surviving legions of bad guys with guns, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Also working against his efforts are an incompetent president, machiavellian NSA director and CIA deputy director of operations.  

The film has the USA attacking Columbian drug lords with a covert and insider CIA operation Ryan must slowly uncover in his new role as CIA deputy director of information.

One must suspend some common sense as is usual with Tom Clancy works (as for most hollywood CIA thrillers such as George Clooney's brilliant "Syriana"), the highest levels are portrayed as far too ruthless, choosing to abandon soldiers or operatives in ways that 1) have essentially no historical precedents and 2) Simply would not work even if human lives were considered completely subordinate to political agendas.   Even Presidents can't keep secrets very effectively in the USA. 

That's a good thing.

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