NMohwy.com Experiment update

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Interesting…site:nmohwy.com shows only 142 out of about 3000 pages, but NONE appear to be supplemental anymore. So after time and/or a few sitemap submissions the supps plus most pages seemed to be deleted from the Google index in favor of the 142 pages now showing. This happened over the past few days though it seemed that the supps were slowly disappearing over the last month or so.

This activity seems to have had NO effect on the low Google referrers which total only about 25 for the first few days of May vs 252 from Yahoo.

So…Experiment has so far failed to resurrect Google’s faith in these pages which used to get great traffic with pretty much identical content (though inferior link structure and they looked better organized before – these are just thrown together with the old data).

This leads me to think that perhaps OHWY’s good fortune in the past came in part from the many interlinked state domains. Although this practice would seem legitimate and normal, many have noted problems from this and/or sharing C block IPs as these state sites did.

15 thoughts on “NMohwy.com Experiment update

  1. Your article is informative and very true we all can learn from this how to build ourselves and business on the internet. Thanks Joe keep up the good work. Milo

  2. I totally agree with your comments. I’ve joined several web communities like myspace, facebook, meetup, myLots, and I get all my info from websites now, whereas books used to be my only source!

  3. Hi, Joe
    I don’t have much knowledge on SEO as you do, but you say in your post above that only 142 of 3000 pages is still indexed by google. By this i presume that other pages were earlier indexed but then at later point de-indexed by google. Could be that those pages are put into sandbox by google. May be over a period of time , say a month or two when the trust has been rebuilt with google, these pages will again get indexed back.
    I had such problems with one of my site too on jackets. So i am keeping bit low now on my new site on mitcell ness jackets. let’s see if i can get through google or i would have to do a dance with it. 🙂
    Thanks for all the info. Keep posting.

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