Save the world, ignore global warming

As I noted before I actually admire and respect Al Gore for his passion regarding the environment and his sincerity about creating a better world. However I wonder if his global warming alarmism is misguided.

Here is a short and articulate summary by the controversial "skeptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg of the view that Global warming is happening but that those suggesting dramatic measures are proposing we waste time and innovation better spent on problems we *can* solve.

Personally, I'm incredibly frustrated by how *every source I've read* suggesting global warming remedies fails to even attempt a cost benefit analysis when this should be a key concern due to the overwhelming costs associated with, for example, Kyoto Protocol implementation.

Lomborg suggests:
… in a curious way, global warming really is the moral test of our time, but not in the way its proponents imagined. We need to stop our obsession with global warming, and start dealing with the many more pressing issues in the world, where we can do most good first and quickest.

Lomborg's book "The Skeptical Environmentalist" suggests that many of the sacred cows of the environmental movement, including Global Warming, are supported more by political and ideological rather than scientific and mathematical motivations.

Lomborg has been villified in some scientific circles and if I can get permission I'll post some very interesting correspondence I had with the editor of Scientific American, which challenges Lomborg in what I feel are more personal rather than scientific ways. Lomborg's critics are notoriously vicious with ad hominem attacks on Lomborg rather than attacking his math and scientific assumptions. I'd suggest this is a strong indication that we should be paying more attention to Lomborg's analyses of pressing global concerns and that we should be careful to review the motivations of ALL of those involved in the global environmental debate.

Wikipedia on Global Warming – an excellent summary

EPA's Global Warming Site
Cooler Heads Coalition – industry funded I think. Note the paper about Terraforming Mars using injected greenhouse gasses! These guys seem to LIKE global warming!

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3 Responses to Save the world, ignore global warming

  1. PoliTech says:

    As more evidence linking global temps with solar wind activity comes to light, (pun intended) its ever more doubtful that human activity has much if anything at all to do with the variation of temperature cycles in the planet’s atmosphere.

    What the global warming scare mongers HAVE done is to injure the credibility of the scientific community in general.

    Scientists were at one time considered to be only interested in provable facts, and the last bastion of skeptical thinking. (Skepticism is a good thing in science).

    What the Dirt worshipers and enviro-leftists have done by pushing this particular “Big Lie” is to reduce the once lofty perception of scientists from bieng dedicated seekers of truth to now being considered by many to be just another collection of simple minded far out political activists.

    Right or wrong, the general perception of scientists has now been permanently damaged.

    The new perception of the scientific community by the general public is now that scientists are just another crowd of politicking and phony data publishing wackademics who have sacrificed the scientific method on the alter of a wild eyed politically correct environmentalist movement for mere political gain.

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