Mashup University – Microsoft Gadgets and AJAX.

Scott Isaacs – The Architect for MS Live .. remixing the web. The LIVE team remains impressive.

Mashups are not new, but the Mashup revolution – the low cost, richer services and experiences, allow us to build things like that would have been totally prohibitive without the backup infrastructure.

Millions of IM users – HUGE reach at NO cost. Cool.

Leverage your investments by remixing. Mashups bring traditional software development … to the web.

Windows live has internalized the Mashup philosphy – Windows live properties are … mashups. The LIVE experience is built out of gadgets. Will be turning gadgets ON in MS spaces. Build a great gadget and get the viral impact. [ NOTE – IMHO how users will populate their increasingly customized browser window with widgets/gadgets/toolbars/messeging/etc is the coming *key* battleground for the big players. Seems Yahoo and MS understand this better than Google? ]

Live Gadget Framework – 100% Firefox compatible. Not yet supporting Safari for technical, not philosphical, reasons.

Demo of Concerts Gadget – concerts + flickr pix. Scripts plus style sheets into gadget. Can derive new gadgets from the old ones.

Demo: notepad gadget

A performance advantage and challenge:

Life Cycle of the applications is NOT driven by refresh, rather by the application itself. Must “clean up after yourself” and get rid of gadgets after they are not used anymore.

Future Thinking:

Microformats – great standards for data transferability.


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2 Responses to Mashup University – Microsoft Gadgets and AJAX.

  1. Trevin says:

    Good recap of our presentation today.. glad that you like the Windows Live direction and services we’re rolling out.

  2. PSP Games says:


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