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Bill Gates on the second “digital decade”

Tonight at CES Bill Gates delivered his final CES (and perhaps final in the industry) keynote. The key announcements included a partnership with NBC to deliver video online for *every single sport* at the Olympics – some 3600 hours in … Continue reading

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Samsung Q1 looks pretty cool

Samsung launched the Samsung Q1 tablet PC today. I’ve paid virtually no attention to this market since attending MIX06 last year in Las Vegas and playing around with some of what were then the latest and greatest ultra mobile PC … Continue reading

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BarCamp USA 2007

Wow, if BarCamp USA <<too bad… it’s been cancelled >>really pulls in 5000 technology enthusiasts it could be the best conference of the year, and in Wisconsin no less. At a cost of $50 it’ll also be close to the … Continue reading

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Bill Gates and the Bloggers

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here | Mount Hood Climber Search Some very high profile and clever folks in the blogging community got to head up to Microsoft HQ and meet with Bill Gates yesterday to discuss the future … Continue reading

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Should Blogging ban Conferences?

Nielsen banned blogging at a recent conference leading Steve Rubel to ask “Should Conferences Ban Blogging?” I think a much better question is this: Should Blogging ban Conferences? Over the last 18 months or so I’ve made a point of … Continue reading

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Microsoft Vista – a nice lookin’ blog for a nice looking OS.

Wow, Microsoft Vista has a very slick looking blog up here that mimics the look and feel of the new Vista which, for reasons I don’t understand, really had a great look at MIX06. I think it was simply the … Continue reading

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The Gadget Revolution. Gadgets of the world, UNITE!

A nice ZDnet interview with Google’s Adam Sah suggests the increasing importance gadgets will play in the online landscape. I met a brilliantly enthusiastic Adam at Mashup Camp back in February when all this was just starting to take off … Continue reading

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