Smart move by Yahoo?

Yahoo appears to be expanding their approach to search using humanized contextual information. This may trump Google’s search quality if Google remains as stubborn as it’s been with regard to human interventions.  However I’d guess Google will soon be forced to use a lot more human input as search quality may soon demand this.

One should remain very bullish on computer intelligence, but it seems for at least the next decade or so it’s not realistic to think that search results can be ranked by machine better than by humans.  Machines are much, much faster rankers than a human mind, but lack even many basic filters that allow a human to discard irrelevant or spurious information.    The hybridized search using computer algorithmic results combined with data from all relevant human sources should prevail in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Smart move by Yahoo?

  1. It looks they have stolen my idea: Look at and the first article I published about contextual search at on 22 feb 2009. This article was commented by Tony Curzon Price. Wha was asking me to deliver ideas for search on After I gave my ideas by email, he choose Yahoo to make searchable. Is this a coincidence or just plain plagiarism?

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