Ebay vs Yard Sale

I always get nervous when my wife and kids want to run a yard sale. “Be sure to run things through Ebay before you sell them for nothing”, I say with little effect.

Luckily this morning I intercepted the 1966 Milton Bradley Shenanigans game and Lie Detector games before they were sold for 50 cents. Running them through Ebay’s completed listings via advanced search I learned that they would probably sell online for $25-$45 each.

The challenge is that I don’t like to mess with Ebay sales of small things, and my wife stubbornly refuses to do it despite the fact she’ll spend many more hours setting up the yard sale, taking down the yard sale, trying to get me to help putting up and taking down the yard sale, moving things out of the house, and haggling over nickel and dime items.

“What?  I can’t possibly take under .06 for that item marked .08!”

It’s no wonder Ebay has spawned a community of yard sale resellers who are picking up my old games for a buck and reselling them online for a fifty fold return. Maybe this will be my fallback position if the travel websites fail and I’m forced on to the lonely, dirty streets of Oregon, begging for quarters to buy games to resell on Ebay from free library computers.
It leads one to wonder what people are doing about all this over in the string theorized parallel membrane alternative universes.

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