SEO for Talent, Oregon? Google this shouldn’t be so hard.

When I agreed to help Star Properties with their new website I thought it would be easy to make them appear first at Google for “Talent Oregon Real Estate“. Why? They are easily the most relevant site for that search being the (only?), first, and best Real Estate office here in Talent.

Maybe I’m expecting too much from Google, but what seems to be happening is that my blog posts are rising to the top for this term rather than Star Properties’ (more appropriate) Talent Oregon real estate site.

It’s somewhat reasonable for Google to wait until a site is verified as “non spam” before they rise to the top for highly targeted searches, though it is also a search defect as it keeps the best sites from appearing for that waiting period, sometimes called “sandboxing” by SEO peeps.

I think what this indicates is how significant blogs are becoming to the search experience. Google correctly assumes a blog is fresher and more relevant than most sites.

Note that under the local listings there is a “Star Properties” but it links to the wrong site – one that just mentions them but has incorrect email and old website info.   Google does have a procedure to correct this bad listing.

4 thoughts on “SEO for Talent, Oregon? Google this shouldn’t be so hard.

  1. Joe, we met outside the convention center at PubCon on Wednesday when Matt showed up. As promised, I took a look at Talent real estate. Your friends have a few problems with the site that will hinder their quest for rankings.

    The most glaring is that their provider,, has screwed up the redirect of www and non-www, so they have a dupe content issue. is likely to switch platforms to .NET in the future, so they may want to consider a new start. The serps are not competitive for their primary terms so #1 wouldnt be hard if they werent starting out with both hands tied behind their back.

    Email me if you want to discuss this any further.

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  3. You have realised something I have been going on about for ages. When link building never use your main keywords on other sites as this adds to the competition. This is very important for uncommon keywords or phrases

  4. A blog entry can often be fresher and more specific a reference but a person who is looking for the depth and breadth that would be represented on a real estate site should be directed to that site first.

    A blog’s analytical comment on the real estate of Talent, Oregon may be fine but a searcher is more likely to want to see MLS listings, Map links, links to the Chamber of Commerce, Area points of interest and similar features commonly found on real estate sites.

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