This is an blog search test to see how many click here for information about Cicarelli, the top search term at Technorati today. Cicarelli is Daniella Cicarelli, a Brazilian model featured on a rogue paparazzi Youtube video clip (no longer available) that featured Cicarelli and her boyfriend “fooling around”.

Wikipedia reports:

On September 18th, 2006 a paparazzi video showing Daniela on a beach in Spain in intimate positions with her boyfriend Renato “Tato” Malzoni leaked on the Internet and was uploaded at YouTube, but was deleted at same day. The episode echoed in both Brazilian and Spanish media.

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4 thoughts on “Cicarelli

  1. Will do Rollo.

    It’s already starting to look very interesting as my *previous* post is now the top search at Technorati for “Assparade”.

    Wow, am I a sophisticated blogger or what?

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