Go Google Yourself!

Ha – Tech bloggers seem to leave a lot of global tragedies unnoticed, but whatever you do don’t get ARROGANT about being the big gorilla of search.   This Google post, to me, does not cross any lines but it sure has caused an outcry from bloggers who think Google’s getting pretty dang arrogant to dictate english usage in this fashion while slapping Yahoo in the face.
Although this is a small thing, one wonders if Google is teetering near that fateful “tipping point” where it crosses from a darling of search to a sort of Darth Vader of search – powerful and effective but constantly under suspicion.

Yikes, even Battelle is swearing about this!

1 thought on “Go Google Yourself!

  1. I don’t know how they could have put it more delicately than then did.

    The fact remains trademarks are very valuable to their holders. If they don’t try to protect them, they lose them (as the article states).

    You say they “slapped Yahoo! in the face”? Hardly.

    I’d say you’re over reactting.

    But their usage suggestion is common. Ever seen Adobe’s similar stuff for Photoshop?


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