Two missing men FOUND in Tahoe National Forest

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Motorcyclists in Sierra found and are alive.

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NEVADA CITY, Calif. — Crews from the Nevada County Search and Rescue Team spent Sunday looking for two Santa Cruz men who disappeared after an offroad motorcycle trip in the Sierra. At the time, a cold winter storm front was dumping between 8 inches and a foot of new snow in the area.

The Sheriff’s Department said Aaron Lakey and Eric Scott, both 33, failed to return Saturday night. They were due at a friend’s house.

Rescue crews located their gray Ford F-350 in the Tahoe National Forest near Highway 20 and Calk [I think this is misprint of CHALK BLUFF ROAD??] Bluff Road about 15 miles outside of Nevada City. However, the men and their motorcycles were missing.

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After the heartbreak of the death of James Kim, lost on the Oregon wilderness for almost two weeks, many commented that we might be able to put the minds of many together online to enhance future rescue efforts. Feel free to post anything in this comment section you think might help in the effort to locate these two California Motorcyclists.

10 thoughts on “Two missing men FOUND in Tahoe National Forest

  1. I have been thinking about the plan to post satellite photos on the internet in the Kim family situation. It seems overflight by aircraft has a poor outcome because of the difficulty of a few pairs of eyes picking up small things on the ground.

    But high resolution aerial photos over a search area, studied in detail by many over the internet could have a much better chance of picking out a person, a snowmobile, perhaps even the shadow of footprints on the snow. It wouldn’t even require a satellite. Overflight by aircraft with high-resolution cameras would probably provide better resolution.

    It seems to me wherever aircraft are up searching for something visually, if photography can be added the odds of noticing something would be greatly magnified.

  2. David I really like this idea of sort of “distributed” approach to searching pictures. In fact there must be even be technologies that compare the imagery to look for/identify changes from normal, though I’d guess human inspection is still the best way to detect things.

    A problem is that in the Kim case, after a week of helicopter activity, there were I think few flights over bear camp and the river (and therefore we might not have had the relevant areas to look at).

  3. Ha – Glenn you should go into politics…

    This may be an example of the challenge of creating an online environment for rescue. By the time enough info comes in to be helpful I wonder if most lost folks are already found. For the Kim Family part of the huge interest and support came fromm the “mystery” of how a car with a family could get lost so completely.

  4. Politics…ha ha…no way. My ideas and suggestions would be based on common sense and not personal interest…man that world is something else!

    Yes but any effort I think can help. Better than sitting around like a sheeple and just reading about it. We can at least try – I guess my drive comes from the thought if I were missing I would some geeks would be utilizing their skills to try to do something.

  5. The Cell/Mobile/Wireless Phone providers should provide each state with a limited number of their mobile devices that perform all cell phone operations, transponder, transceiver, and repeater. These devices in trucks or on poles are nearly meaningless in the vast wilderness, but in a plane, helicopter, or even emergency balloon they provide astonishing coverage. Educating travelers to keep their devices or take temporary devices from a regional provider is as important as any other emergency provision. In the event of an emergency the mobile cell tower 10 feet in the air is a link of incredible power between the lost and emergency services. Many of these things are evolutionary and perhaps only a handful of people will benefit from the collaboration between emergency services and private industry. I can envision a day when person could subscribe to these types of services as they travel or adventure.

    Best Regards
    Tim Hill
    Palmyra PA

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