David Boone search in Southern California

James Kim Search Discussion – Click here | Mount Hood Climbers – Click here

David Boone, missing hiker in California

Map – click here

A family organized search is today, Friday December 15. Details in comments section.
Here’s a blog post from a searcher

Official search was called off after one week. Authorities seem to feel he could not have survived this long.

Based on this and the few other posts I’ve done so far about missing people I think there is a lot more volunteer potential than most normal search and rescue operation even try to coordinate. That’s what we are up to with the DangerData.com blog which is coming soon.

Another discussion is over at City-Data.com (free login required).
Search for “Foothill Ranch” to find that thread – not much there as of Friday Dec 15.

David Boone appears to have become lost during a walk in the “Whiting Ranch” area of Foothill Ranch, CA where he hikes almost every day.

Map – click here.

Foothill Ranch Map- high detail

97 thoughts on “David Boone search in Southern California

  1. I wonder if the mobile companies have tried tracing his mobile phone…this should really be SOP when someone goes missing like this.

    It seems T-Mobile has taken up the task in the search of the injured climber on Mt Hood.

    Hopefully someone who knows David Boone has his mobile number and they are going back through the records.

  2. didnt know about it either…wow and he looks so close to civilization there. I wonder what kind of resources they have/had. I might look into this too if I have time today.

  3. I think there is an unspoken aspect of all these rescues and that is cold hard cash. Understandably counties have to give up eventually and can’t devote all resources to finding missing people, but I also get the idea that the cost issues may not be clearly defined for anybody, complicating the way the search proceeds.

  4. Does anyone know if he has any family? Are there any volunteers in that area that we can contact? Wish we had his mobile number…if he had one.

  5. He was a friend of mine and it is extremely sad that this has happened. As for the mobile he did not have one with him … left it at home. The OC Sherriff’s department can give you family contact information for him as well.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Very sorry to hear. We wish we could do something to help. Do you have any suggestions? Would you mind trying work through some questions with us?

  7. uhgg… Ive been trying to figure out where this was in OC california. I feel stupid. Foothill Ranch. Its a community. In texas Foothill Ranch would mean someone’s personal property. A huge sprawling ranch with cows. Okay… now I can dig deeper.

  8. Tara, did you get the map I sent you? I sent two more to mike, let me know if you want them too.

    Foothill Ranch is near Corona if that helps!

  9. Steve – Texas Equusearch (www.texasequusearch.org) may be able to help the family continue the search for David. I would suggest giving Tim Miller (the founder) a call and ask for help. Their services are completely free. M2

  10. ps.

    I dont want to clog anyones e mail or send everything I make with a specific purpose in mind (for m2 it was aerial searches) and I also dont want to be liable if I am creating something with a specific purpose in mind, and another person looks at it, and is not using it for the same purpose. (ie, created for terrain but using it as a road map)

    With that in mind, glenn/m2 if you want to forward the last couple of things I have sent to anyone, feel free. I’m thinking of a good standard disclaimer but havn’t come up with one yet for this purpose. (finding strangers with strangers over the internet using publicly available data!)

    I will have to be careful with what I put my name on as I cannot take the time to cover everything. for instance, I would like to take the roads and show which are vehicular trails and which are major roads and signify which is which with line weight. I can do that, but it takes time.

    time is precious. it doesn’t seem of importance right now so I havnt and wont unless it becomes a question or issue.

    send me any thoughts or ideas, thanks.

  11. I spoke with one of David Boones sons Parker Boone (1 of 4 sons) earlier this week. He works at a bike shop in Laguna Niguel named Rock n Road. He told me the story and it floored me.

    I have not spoken with him since I want to respect his privacy. However, if the search has been called off it sounds like many on this site would like to help. The bike shop number is 949-859-5076. Maybe we could offer a volunteer effort to help? I hope I’m not crossing any lines by posting this number but this is too important.

  12. not crossing any lines with me, do you have e mail too? if you want to post it here I am sure glenn could put you on our list and go from there? sound okay glenn? or if you dont want to post it here, e mail me at the link above and I will send your email to glenn.

  13. I just dug this up from another blog. They are organizing a volunteer search early Friday morning. If anyone here is in the vicinity of Orange County this would be a good time to help out. Here’s a copy and paste from the other blog:

    >I’m a friend of one of David’s sons. The family is organizing a search party for David on Friday Dec. 15 @ 630am. If anyone can spread the word or help the search, it would be an amazing favor to the Boone’s. The following info can also be found at my URL:

    630. Friday morning.

    Walmart parking lot.

    26502 Town Centre Drive.

    Foothill Ranch, CA. 92610.

    We will be walking thru bushes and fields.

    Anyone else you can bring will be helpful.

    Thank you.

  14. ive posted this to the city-data forums, and my california friends myspace pages, they probably wont be awake that early but they may have friends who are!

  15. (15) Does anyone have the information on the areas that have already been searched?

    We need to keep the information flowing here to keep this in front of everyone. Make sure we digg the posts as well.

    (12) M2 can you call Tim and see if we can get some assistance from him. I think the drone sweep is a really good idea

    (17) I suggest everyone post the information about the search in as many places as you can.

  16. Bob I also suggest you plan another volunteer search as soon as possible. It could be done on Sunday – that way people that are at the search today can recruit others and you should pile on the momentum from the circulation of this search announcement.

    Please post here if you plan another search we will try to get the word out.

  17. ALright. This is really bugging me.

    I realize the credit cards havent been used since he was reported missing but I think there could be more information there. If you call the credit card company they can simply tell you “no activity since 01/01/2001” or whatever date.
    But there could be valuable information in PREVIOUS purchases or lack there of. If he bought groceries for the week, or renewed a cell contract, or bought tickets to something a week away, etc. tells us alot.
    It would help me try to retrace his steps, and thought process.
    Any idea if this information has been given to the family or police?
    It seems as though the police have given up. Im not really even finding new News reports. Joe ducks is one of the first sites that comes up when googling Boone search.

  18. Glenn, I’m going to be in contact with the bike shop today. There may be follow up plans through the weekend to continue the search if nothing comes up today. I’m not the best person to coordinate these things because my schedule is too booked up as it is. Currently just trying to throw in whatever spare time I can muster.

    (22) From what I understand, he left EVERYTHING in his apartment. Keys, wallet, bike, car. I don’t think he had anything with him. I only know this from the articles that I’ve read. That’s why the focus is on Whiting Ranch wilderness. He apparently hiked there every day. The bloodhounds followed his scent eagerly for a few miles from his doorstep and well into the wilderness park and then the scent dissipated. Since he was there everyday it could have been a scent from previous days.

    Once I talk to the folks at the bike shop I will post whatever I find out.

  19. ps, the city data discussion has been moved to the “people search” section. I didn’t know there was one! But unfortunatley it is mostly about genealogy….disappointing that they moved it there.

  20. Thx Mapper. The Mount Hood story seems to be working well over at that forum but I had a lot of trouble finding the story at the City-Data forums even when using the search after logging in. I think the simple blog comments approach may be the best way to go.

  21. Bob or anyone else that was involved in the search:
    Information on areas searched would be great if you have them. We could start plotting some of these areas on the maps.

  22. I am floored that I just learned of this hiker at an ultra run this morning in Saddleback Mtns. I am an Oarnge County resident, why is this not on the news and how can we get it there? This is so sad, as a county we should be coming together to find him. I would have been out their if I would have known. Please let me know what I can organize with other ultra runners to help. We really know those trails and can run for hours to look.

  23. Keira,

    I am floored also. I am in illinois but I didnt hear about this until after the search was called off, and only because joe posted it. This is very sad to me.

    I cant be there, but if you and your friends want a good topo map of that area, let me know.

    also, if you organize a search let me know, I have frineds in that area and will let them know, and they can pass on the word too if they wish.

  24. Keira it’s a good question and I simply don’t understand why some stories are huge with the news while others go by almost unnoticed. I dug this one up searching for news about missing people *after* they’d called off the search.

    I think the key to using online “community” to help with these is to find a way to have the families and locals post the relevant details and then hope the people watching in can put the stories together. Glenn and I have been working on the programs to make an online environment to help with this happen and we should have some basic stuff online this coming week.

  25. Hi Keira,
    Yes it is very frustrating and has been going on for years. Glad to see your interest…once again Joe’s site has delivered.

    I am in FL but we are trying to make things happen from a distance.

    He needs to be found regardless of the situation.

  26. These are the stories I still do not understand, where people simply “vanish”. I read one about a mother of four in Colorado who went missing on a hike with a friend in Rockies just below a peak he’d done on to climb while she waited. The largest search in Colorado history found nothing.

    Note though that the number of missing people like this is extremely small – a fraction of the missing kids who mostly are illegally taken by non-custodial parents or run away from home.

  27. I live in Orange County and frequent Whiting Ranch. Personaly, I believe that David really isn’t missing in WR, but that it may be fowl play. He or his body probaly would have already been found otherwise.

  28. To add to my last comment, I think David is alive and well, but he may have just needed a break, we all do sometimes.

  29. I see very little indication of ‘foul play’ and even less indication of ‘fowl play’.

    Anyone wonder how flies and mosquitoes have no trouble finding people? Pheromones and kairomones might play a role in searches. Even the STASI in E. Germany kept scent profiles of their major ‘enemies of the state’.

  30. Did he really leave on a ‘hike’ or ‘stroll’ of some sort without wallet, watch, cell phone or anything? Was he in the habit of doing that?

    Did anyone check the trash disposal area at his condo or check his storage area and garage?

    If he had decided partway through his hike on an alternative activity what route would he have taken?

  31. Please pardon my spelling, but I think you raise a point with the fact that he left his house without some sort of wallet, watch, cell phone or anything. One of the rules of hiking is never hike alone. So, if you thought you were experienced enough to hike alone in a wilderness area where a mountian biker had been killed three years before on one of those trails, wouldn’t you at least take a cell phone? Now, some would make the argument that you wouldn’t get reception. This is not all that true. If you are up high, you get it. So again, no cell phone or any type of identification? Very odd for someone who is taking a hike in a mountian lion area. Don’t you think?

    By the way, I’m not trying to discourage anyone or upset them. I’m just throwing my theory into the bowl. (I think this one is better than the “He was abducted by aliens” theory I heard from another park patron the other day.)

  32. I admit this is a strange case and perhaps I’ve just missed some critical data but so far I see nothing to indicate that he went hiking other than the fact that he often went hiking.

    It is true that temperatures are cold and mountain lions are hungry and searches can’t be continued forever, but I do wonder why anyone started with the premise that he went hiking on that particular day just because he often went hiking. I assume he often went to the grocery store and often went to the library, etc. How many times did he do these things without taking wallet, watch and cell phone with him?

    It is true that he is missing. It is true that he often went hiking. It seems apparent that he may indeed have gone hiking this time too. It also seems that some other activities were not even considered. Maybe I’ve missed something in the coverage. I don’t know.

  33. His ‘ex’ or ‘ex to be’ was in the home that afternoon and apparently played a role in alerting the family to a possible missing situation. Would she gain financially if he died or if the estate was tied up for 11 years?

  34. I think that is a very good point, Fools Gold. Also, if I heard correctly in the local media, his ex was “astranged”. Also, I haven’t heard anything else about other places where he might have gone except hiking. Has OC law enforcement (OC sherrif,Lake Forest PD) lokked in to any other possibilities? Did his ex suggest the hiking theory?

  35. Don’t get me wrong. Film Noir is a genre wherein all dames are murderous. In real life, there are often “ex”s who are indeed on great terms with former spouses. Often people do indeed go missing without any foul play being involved. In one recent case a woman was thought to have been abducted from her home but had merely fallen behing a large bookcase while fiddling with an electrical plug and died from positional asphyxiation. People do forget their cell phones. I’ve done it zillions of times, often after delaying my departure so it has time to charge, I will still leave it behind. I’ve occasionally wound up with a basket full of groceries and found that I’ve left my wallet home. These things happen. I’m not trying some sort of knee-jerk “foul play” decision in this case, just pointing out that some points may have been overlooked or given short shrift.

  36. Yes, I leave my cell phone at home, and some times my wallet, but who leaves their wallet, watch, cell phone and the rest at home. Also, WRWP has been searched thoroughly. He’s not there! He could have been abducted, too. No one except David knows the truth. I’m just trying to support my theory. By the way, my defenition of “shrift” is a confession, what’s yours because to me it just dosen’t make sense in context

  37. The fact that ‘everything’ was left at home makes me think of a trip to the laundry room or garage or neighbors or something. Most people leave one of several items at home and constantly glance at a bare wrist or slap their hip pocket in frustration or whatever. Leaving keys, phone, wallet, etc. makes one wonder. I’m not sure of the details of what he did leave though.

    If cougars got him they probably dragged the body into deep brush well off the trail.

    I just wanted to point out that there seemed, to me at least, a prompt and unsupported assumption that he was out hiking. It is a possibility however that he was indeed hiking.

  38. I belive that he left a Passport in addition to the items mentioned above. As a volunteer naturalist, I know that if he were attacked by a mountain lion, he would not have been dragged off, but half eaten on the spot (A mountain lion would not have eaten the entire body w/o trace; aka: a bloody pile of bones and guts) and his remains would have been left there and scavenged by turkey vultures. This means that unless he disobeyed park rules and left the trail (which is entire possibility, even though he could have been cited by a park ranger if caught) or he accidentaly followed a game trail, washout, dry creekbed, etc. and mistaked it for a trail is the only way he would not be on the main trail (Althugh it isn’t likely that an avid hiker like David would have made this mistake, although possible) and was either 1. Atacked (by human or animal) 2. Bitten by a diamind-back rattlesnake and died 3. Fallen and broke a leg and cannot get help or 4. Got lost and either is alive and using survival techniques to stay alive or is dead. I still go with my first guess, he just walked away, but these are all possible scenarios.

  39. Left a passport?
    I would not have expected someone to take their passport with them unless actually going abroad. I’m sure he left his birth certificate as well.

    I agree that some ‘evidence’ of a mountain lion attack is likely, though not that it is necessarily on or immediately beside the existing trails. I do not know how well marked trails are in the area, but the main thing is that we do not know if he even went hiking. It surely seems strange to go hiking without the usual ‘stuff’ people bring along.

    I’d sure check the attack and basement areas and other destinations in the area. I think ‘hiking’ was a possible conclusion, but by no means the only one.

  40. Recapitulation:

    The recent posts by Eric Parker and Fools Gold have explored the validity of the “gone hiking” decision that searchers seemed to have made and have suggested other avenues that might have been explored.

    It seems that none of the adult sons were in any way suspicious of the former spouse or in any way upset or concerned about her entry into the home, therefore there is no reason to conclude anything other than that an amicable relationship existed.

    It seems the family members visited the coffee shops that the “missing hiker” was prone to visit. Its unknown if this was to inquire as to his statements or was an indication that they felt activities other than hiking were also likely. The searchers may not have limited themselves to a “gone hiking” scenario.

    Items left behind are more indicative of a non-hiking destination, I think. There does not seem to be any reports as to ‘water bottles’. What were his habits, what is still in the home?

    The failure to find evidence in the hiking area is not dispositive of the issue but is troublesome.

  41. Yesterday, a search and resuce team was assembled at the whiting ranch entrance in portola hills….At the top of the hill next to the park. Channel 2 and Channel 7 news vans where there. They had a command center which sheriff trucks ect. However, I didnt get the chance to ask who or what they where searching for. No stories have posted. Does anyone know if this is in regards to David Boone or do we have another missing persone now?


  42. It would really help if you could find out… I would hate for the sheriff to be constantly calling out the search and rescue people when it is some obsessed killer sneaking into occupied homes or something. I really don’t know what is going on. Searches at recreational areas are common. However, if they are too common, something may be seriously wrong.

  43. Does anyone know if he had ever utliized a ‘hiking buddy’ or someone who might recall his habits. Not only as to route taken but equipment taken. Favorite water bottle?
    If that too is still in his home, he probably never went hiking. Has anyone checked the footgear in his home?

  44. Apparently he spent a great deal of time hiking and the family’s conclusion that if he was missing he probably had gone hiking was a reasonable one. His lifestyle was not one that offered much in the way of alternative conclusions.

    I wish there was some way to be certain he had been hiking because leaving ALL the items that one normally takes behind is more strange than leaving one such item, such as a water bottle, wallet, phone, etc.

    It seems that he was wont to wander off trails to investigate the unusual such as snakes and lizards.

  45. Teri and family. We are praying daily for all of you – – that David will be found safe. God bless you all. Joanen and John

  46. “. . . I think there is an unspoken aspect of all these rescues and that is cold hard cash. . . . ”

    Yes. Though in this case, I think the area is rather ‘upscale’ and the missing person is quite wealthy despite a very modest and low-key lifestyle. The LDS and Saab club volunteers probably value their time rather highly but I’m sure that “cold hard cash” is always a factor no matter what.

  47. I worked with David at a now defunct golf company and I cannot believe the situation…nor can I believe the lack of coverage on the news. My prayers go out to his family. I can tell you that he loved life and his family and I don’t think that “taking” his life is not something he would consider. Something about this whole thing stinks….something isn’t right. I think there is information the media and law officials have left out. I agree with a previous post….that he was going somewhere quick…hence leaving all valuables behind. Either that, he he just walked away…..he had the money.

  48. “Gone Missing” is the Australian and UK expression for a person who voluntarily walks out of one life and hopes to enter a less stressful or more adventurous one in a distant place. Now normally some measure of discontent is present but it seems both police and family went to the various coffee shops in town and chatted up the same friends he was chatting with from time to time. It seems they did not find any such discontent or financial problems. It is not impossible for a Saab-driving Mormon to ‘go missing’ but lets face it, my money would be on a different bet.

    I would imagine a more likely scenario is that of intended destination being a short and non-significant errand such as taking out the trash to the dumpster or on his way to a storage bin that is on-site but not in his apartment. Who puts on their cell phone and grabs their wallet for a trip to the dumpster? Keys to the door, we hope, but not cell phone or wallet. With every item left behind, one wonders about a sudden visit from someone he knew and trusted. However, I can not imagine ANY such intruder who would be too stupid to take the darned personal stuff as well! Entry by someone given a key?? Beats me. Perhaps the police and family view is a good one: he spent a great deal of time hiking and he probably did go hiking that day too.

  49. I just wanted to say how how appreciative my family and I are at the thoughts and concern you all have. This has been a very tough and trying experience for all involved and I just wanted to say “thank you” for everyones efforts. No new news has come about and that’s what is so frustrating. We are as perplexed as everyone else at the situation. My pop is a Saab loving, straight as an arrow, family loving mormonite as there ever was. Yes there are financial and family issues but they have no comparison to my fathers strong character and morality. My true hope is that he just needed to start over somewhere else on this earth and that he will contact his boys soon. I truly think he maybe folded under pressures he’s never had and needed a re-due late in life. The response from family, friends and strangers has been overwhelming and we are forever greatful for everyones sympathy and support. Our family is as strong as ever and hope for any clues/info anyone can give. We’ve had strong support through the local community in search and rescue efforts to the point where we believe he is far away from home. Again, thank you to everyone who’s tromped though the woods, flown their private aircraft over Whitting , or have simply sent thoughts and prayers our way. The search continues……..

  50. Parker we are all feeling for you. We hope this story has a positive ending for everyone involved. If there is anything any of us can do to help please let us know and thanks for the update.

  51. It is a strange mix of ‘hopes’ and ‘evidence’ or perhaps ‘lack of evidence’. And a strange mix of ‘character’ and ‘financial and family pressures’ as well. We know that your hope of a voluntary ‘gone missing’ is in spite of the ‘Saab-loving mormonite lifestyle’. Good luck on there eventually being a determination.

  52. Finding missing people can get time consuming and computer based systems can help – like credit card usage and cell phone activity. Like updating addresses with govt. agencies. I hope for the family’s sake it works out ok.

  53. Can anyone confirm the exact location of his Saab?
    Why if he was in the habit of driving to various coffee shops around town would he have walked to his favorite hiking area rather than parked his car at some trailhead?

  54. My true hope is that he just needed to start over somewhere else on this earth and that he will contact his boys soon. I truly think he maybe folded under pressures he’s never had and needed a re-due late in life. The response from family, friends and strangers has been overwhelming and we are forever greatful for everyones sympathy and support. Our family is as strong as ever and hope

  55. I have been following David’s disappearance since first reported and my husband and I hiked through Whiting about a month later and saw the poster at the entrance to the park. My parents and David’s parents were friends in the ’50s and ’60s when we lived in Anaheim and all of us kids played together. David’s mom Jackie and my mother Vivien were great golfing buddies. I have been praying for the Boone family and for David. If he did decide he needed a “do-over” in life, I pray he will realize that everyone loves him and wants him to do the “do-over” at home with his family. God’s blessings to David, his wife and sons, his siblings and his mother.

    Judy Evans Franz
    San Clemente

  56. Missing person: David Douglas Boone

    New Arizona business: Douglas Boone MBA Development LLC 3301 W. Drake St., Chandler 85226.

    Anyone going to telephone and ask?

  57. Well, I don’t think its so great but Chandler Arizona is nearly the same climate, has snakes, has Saab dealers and Saab clubs, etc. so I thought it might be a long-shot, though hardly worth the price of the phone call.

    I’d check things like his magazine subscriptions from his prior life because people don’t change their habits much. If he liked coffee shops, snakes and Saabs in California he is not likely to move to a remote island that has no snakes and no motor vehicles. Same type of restaurants, same interests.

    Trouble is: this ‘lead’ is probably just some guy who really is named Douglas Boone and had never even heard of David Douglas Boone.

  58. I just now noticed that the Missing Persons sheet lists his last seen around 3:00pm at his residence… Now this was December but it was also California: would someone go hiking in the late afternoon and evening? When was evening twilight to take place on that date?

  59. Yet another recapatiulation without resolution:

    This case has been perplexing.

    Right from the start there was a family and police ‘assumption of having gone hiking’ without any real indication of it and no particular reason to assume hiking over bowling other than the fact that a hiking area was nearby and a bowling area was not nearby.

    Nothing at all was indicative of his having gone hiking and no one has come forward to say that he routinely hiked without the various debris that men lug around with them. No one seems to say he routinely left cell phone, wallet, watch and the like at home. He also left his passport at home and one wonders why it would have been found so promptly if it was left in a prominent location.

    If hiking in a wilderness area, various threats such as snake or cougar should have left evidence of some sort and the attention of carion eaters should have been obvious to searchers.

    I can not see how someone would decide to “walk out on his life” and embark on a new one if he literally had to WALK. Friend, taxi, something, but walk? To where? A busy highway so as to hitchhike?

    Friends and family generally, though not universally, indicate he would not normally do something that would burden others such as the searchers. But would he normally go hiking without the usual ‘stuff’ either?

  60. My Interests: family,golf,saab,star gazing,mt.biking,hiking.

    Anyone note the sequence there and think a voluntary ‘gone missing’ is not too likely despite some financial issues and dissatisfaction with lawyers in our society.

  61. H’mmmm. Patent application beginning with 2007 for a putter’s hand grip. Maybe his lawyer filed it on his behalf based on work prior to his disappearance?

  62. re: Post 54:
    “short shrift”. While shrift is a word originally related to a period of pennance after a confession, I was using the phrase short shrift in its more customary meaning of to give little attention to, to ignore, to downplay or dismiss from serious consideration.

    I imagine we are left with the same situation as before: a man leading a generally satisfied and low-key lifestyle disappears under circumstances that are somewhat strange but not necessarily unusual for him in that little is known of his customary hiking habits regarding what items he would take with him. His friends and family and acquaintances all hold him in high esteem and do not think he is the type who would ‘go missing’ voluntarily and impose worry and risk to searchers. Some have doubts as to recent comments about society and the roles of lawyers, but others feel that a certain recent discontent with society does not mean there is a severe depression or intent to make a major lifestyle change. Many people express a doubt that he would go missing much less do so in a boorish manner but all those say that they would prefer to think he went missing than to think he died while hiking. None who think he died while hiking are quite able to resolve the utter lack of clues that would usually be left, even in an off trail incident. Inquiries into matters of a geographical relocation but a continuation of interests and lifestyle matters have not turned up any leads amongst hiking clubs or automobile clubs.
    In short: no solution. Only a perplexing mystery.
    Why were all those items left behind? Was that his usual routine? Why would he go missing if it was so contrary to what is thought to be his value system?

  63. Just a “nothing to report” update… on this “opened” case.

    As to the central question of Did He Go Hiking: He lives within a short walk of an entrance to the park area and it is perhaps more reasonable to believe that he went hiking that day than that he went anywhere else that day without his wallet and cell phone. Although the state of the home is also consistent with a departure for a brief errand such as going out to the curb with a visitor to view a particularly interesting Saab, there are no indications that any such event actually took place. Waiting period for death declaration in California is eleven years which renders a conspiracy very unlikely.

    To this day, no remains found in the rugged wilderness area.

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  67. I had the pleasure to work with David when we were developing the Lynx Black Cat model. I was on assignment from Lynx in Scotland to head up the manufacturing in LA. David was a great club designer and a larger than life character. Very glad to have met and worked with the man.

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