Bill Gates and the Bloggers

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Some very high profile and clever folks in the blogging community got to head up to Microsoft HQ and meet with Bill Gates yesterday to discuss the future of the internet, especially ways to make the upcoming MIX07 conference relevant to the needs of those attending.

I missed meeting Gates at MIX06 earlier this year but I know several of the bloggers that were invited so I’ll have to settle for one degree of separation. I’m a huge fan of Bill Gates’ superb global health initiatives though not at all a fan of many of his “old style” ideas about computing and the internet. I think he, and MS at large, continues to view the internet as primarily a technological rather than a sociological development (clue: it’s 80% sociological, 19% technical and 1% electrical)

The reports are starting to come in:

Mike Arrington

Steve Rubel

Ryan Stewart

Niall Kennedy

Liz Gannes

Todd Bishop

9 thoughts on “Bill Gates and the Bloggers

  1. Dunno Glenn – some of them spoke at MIX06 which was Microsoft’s first Mashup developer event, so I think that may have helped form the list, which appears to be some of the key voices in Web 2.0 stuff like Jeremy (Yahoo), Mike (techcrunch), Niall (Technorati,now Widget conference guy).

  2. Giddy up! I have to admit that I am not a fan of iTunes or the iPod…I have been through several iPod’s and iTunes has a lot of bugs and I have had to re-purchase songs on multiple occasions. Additionally any Powerbooks I have had have worn out pretty quickly. I pretty much burn up computers!
    So even though Apple has some cool stuff their support of their products is not so hot.

    Mark Cuban I give a lot of credit to. He really is trying to make a difference in a lot of areas.

  3. Joe, I gotta agree with you here. I’m a big fan of the Gates. Theres a lot of people who knock him for his global domination bid for all things PC’able, but you’ve got to hand it to the guy, he’s one smart cookie! Doesnt he have asbergers syndrome or something too? Anyway, an interesting post there also about the notion that Google or MS may sweep in and pay hundreds of millions for extensive song libraries and then give them away with ad embeds in an attempt to dethrone Apple.
    A plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox!

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