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Aaron Shear tagged me to share five things people don’t know about me. It’s tempting to make up some some impressive stuff (but I won’t lie!) since the other folks are all very interesting, namely Google’s Adam Lasnik, International SEO Consultant and speaker Joseph Morin, Search Engine Watch Forum’s Jessica Bowman, and Scottish SEO/SEM Scott Boyd.

Here are five things from my little world:

1) My lab, Chico the Wonder Dog, has been working hard to nab the top Google spot from a Chihuahua by the same name. I told him NOT to buy any links or I’ll sick Matt Cutts on him.

2) A recent blog post about the Kim Family Search here in Southern Oregon now has over 1000 comments and has spawned a new project that will combine blogs and a database to help facilitate future search and rescue info coordination.

3) For a time I was a good Touchscreen Kiosk guy, working in the 90’s on a US Forest Service/Tourism project that had multimedia kiosks in travel spots all over the state. I now volunteer on the project I designed that replaced that one, with internet connected stations at the state welcome centers and other travel spots.

4) I can talk like a Duck. No, not the stupid way, the good way. I started talking duck so I could tease my sister by swearing at her without my parents understanding the conversation. I still feel guilty about it, but time shall heal this.

5) I have a double major in Botany and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I don’t know why. Therefore, naturally, I do travel internet publishing and blog about most anything that pops into my head.

I’m tagging these five bloggers because they are all very interesting AND educational folks:

10 thoughts on “Blog Tag Game

  1. Tommo you should’ve been a Quebecois or Cajun. Ummm – is it too late to ask you DON’T mention any of our 5th grade (mis) adventures?

    Thanks Adam!

  2. 5th grade, ah, good times. I thought about going over some of the old ‘Burg ground, but… I decided I didn’t want to mention anything *bustable*.

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  4. Joe,

    Re the 5th item on your list. Can you tell what mood a plant is in? Was this also Prince Charles major?


  5. Hey Roy –

    Wanna buy a plant mood ring? $9.95 but expires at midnight tonight…

    Nope on Charles – here’s his scoop:

    From Wikipedia: Charles attended university at Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied anthropology and archaeology, and later history, earning a 2:2 (lower second class degree). Charles was the first member of the British royal family to earn a degree. He also attended the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he went specifically in order to learn the Welsh language

  6. Joe,
    Despite the good price will pass on the mood ring. I never had any luck with the ones for humans. You may (wisely) not be a follower of the Royal Family? or may not remember that Prince Charles got quite a bit of mixed press well over a decade ago when it was learned that he talks to plants and believed that improved their mood.

    Botany and Psychology are an unusual pair.

    btw, if he was the first royal to earn a degree, thats astonishing!


  7. Hi Roy – I had not heard about the plant talking mood thing and I’m skeptical, but… wait! I think our Christmas tree is winking at me…

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