2007! Where did 2006 go?

It sure is frustrating how fast time flies when you get older. As a kid you can’t wait to grow up and hit the road, yet as an adult you long for the carefree days of childhood.

Luckily the freewheeling internet business lifestyle doesn’t trap me in a 9 to 5 purgatory though, and I get to meet a lot of interesting folks and travel more than in the past.

2006 was a fun year for USA travel as I got to California’s Silicon Valley several times, Boston, Virginia, Las Vegas twice and Minnesota for Thanksgiving with my great in-laws.   I am due for a big international trip and I’m hoping I’ll make China happen this year.

4 thoughts on “2007! Where did 2006 go?

  1. Happy New Year to you, too.

    A China trip sounds fantastic.

    Talk of this “Joe’s Bar and Grille” has awakened a hunger for Michigans within me. Will there be Michigans in 2007?

  2. Hey, you wanna go? The conference is only a couple of days so I’ll be travelling for at least a week in addition to that. Conference is in Xi’an, home of the excavated Terra Cotta Warrior Army.

    Nitzi’s Red Hots will be served at Joe’s. Eat at Joe’s!

  3. Wait a minute – did Nitzi’s have the mild Michigans or the spicy ones? Claire and Carl’s were spicier I think.

    I miss ’em too! Chili dogs are good, but there are not a Michigan.

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