Medford Oregon’s top stories of 2006. Two are about families lost in Rogue River Wilderness!

The Medford Oregon paper, the Mailtribune, listed it’s top ten stories for 2006.
Two of the ten involve families lost in the Rogue River Wilderness!

Number ONE is the Kim Family Saga, number ten is the Stivers family saga.

5 thoughts on “Medford Oregon’s top stories of 2006. Two are about families lost in Rogue River Wilderness!

  1. It really was interesting how people’s perceptions took a 180 when the opportunism of these guys was revealed. I think part of the problem was that Ashland had treated them very well so they really felt they’d been “conned”.

  2. Certainly not a con in the literal sense of the word; as the police observed, these people did nothing unlawful.

    The indignant reaction of the waitress who saw these panhandlers headed into a nice restaurant which she, the benefactress, could not afford, is to the point, I think. People assumed there was a certain social order to the begging, which in the case of an able-bodied pair of adults means they’re having transient problems and need a helping hand, or they are mentally ill. They did not present themselves as they truly are, and in that sense they did take advantage of people’s generosity.

    It’s interesting, though, that begging as a permanent means of living is an acceptable practice in other situations or in other social structures.

  3. Well put Tommo. I hadn’t had direct contact and wasn’t as offended as most. I am angry at them however because acts like this support the (false) assumption by many that most street people are simply “lazy” when in fact most are mentally ill.

  4. no speak english,I live in mexico, and I NEED TO find a person important to me.Her name is sandra maria guadalupe fredenburg valerio.She live in medford with your family.When she was little girl his father and mom lived in Mty.mexico.Please write a letter

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