Grand Canyon Skywalk

Wow, the Grand Canyon Skywalk , a joint project of a Chinese businessman and the Hualapi Tribe, looks like it will offer an amazing view of the Grand Canyon. It appears the Skywalk will open very soon and no later than March 2007. I have mixed feelings about this type of attraction because in one way it ‘mars’ the pristine landscape you are there to see, but in another way it allows you to experience that landscape more dramatically and intimately. For me the increased focus and economic development aspects of these projects make them worthwhile, and it’s certainly a more wholesome approach to funding tribal needs than a casino.

CNN story about the Grand Canyon Skywalk

7 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Skywalk

  1. Thanks for posting this. I remember when they first started negotiating for this and how they compromised with local natives regarding the project. I agree with you that projects like this are good.

    I will have to start planning a trip to see this! I like how they compare it in height to other man-made structures.

  2. Joe – thanks for sharing this.

    a) Wonder who will get most of the income from this — the Taiwanese business folks, or the Hualapai?

    b) I have druthers about this kind of development, but it is better than helicopter overflights, noisy and polluting choppers which destroy the very sense of peace and sublimity which most come to see at the GC.

    c) This should be ok so long as it doesn’t grow into bungee jumping off the bridge, and things of that sort!


  3. Glenn send some pix if you go first!

    Kieth – what? No bungee jumping? Good question about income. I think tribal casinos typically pay the non-tribals most of the money at the beginning to recover the huge capitalization costs and then pay the tribes handsomely after a period of time. I’d guess this is a win-win in terms of money as well as benefits.

  4. Yes, the attraction will be interesting how it plays out. Will this take visitors away from the North and South Grand Canyon Rims? We will just have to wait and see.

  5. I just got home from visiting the SkyWalk. My husband and I traveled to the site on our harley, that was a big mistake. The last 21 miles is rough dirt road. We hithched a ride with some very nice people from Lake Havasu. The Sky Walk is Awesome! Every step makes your stomach lurch, but it is so cool to feel like you are walking on air. The down side of it is you are not allowed to take your camera on the Sky Walk. ( You might drop your camera and we don’t want a pile of cameras in the Grand Canyon)!!!! Then there are only porta-potties at the site. No railing at the canyon rim. Children were playing near the 100+foot drop off. Lots of security to keep any one from taking a picture from the Sky walk, but no thought to safty from the sights around it. It seemed like they were not really ready for the torist to come the sight. It will cost you $75.00 to walk on the Sky Walk if you can get there. We did make some great friends that took a chance and picked up some rough bikers. Thanks Lif and Delia. Deann

  6. Comments by Lif and Delia were correct. No cameras allowed on the skywalk, but they have photographers taking your pictures and they are only $30.00 apiece !!!!! No railing at the canyon edge and no signs either. It’s a big ripoff !

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