Survival Tips and Survival Kits

Blogging the Kim Family Search story has led to a number of great comments and articles about survival kits and wilderness survival tips. Feel free to leave more in the comments section – just post the URL and it will link up automatically.

Wilderness Survival Tips Website

Field and Stream Pocket Survival Kit: This article shows how to build a very inexpensive but fairly complete and light survival kit.

Survival tips from the TV Series “Survivorman”

Google Search for “Wilderness Survival”

Supplies list for long road trips:


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4 Responses to Survival Tips and Survival Kits

  1. Bamadad says:

    Montana’s Take Along Winter Survival Handbook April 2002-Fifth Edition

    Joe, not sure on protocol, this seems to be the most current edition. Glove Box item.

  2. glenn says:

    Several new solar gadgets that could be handy in a survival situation.

  3. Matt says:

    Obsidian, being plentiful in Oregon could prove a vital survival skill/hobby.

  4. Like other types of survival kits, these would be packages of gear and supplies that may aid the surviving groups
    in the battle to live. Do you have prescription medication that you can’t do without for a week. Make sure the clothing can withstand the weather elements.

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