6 thoughts on “Video Games 101

  1. I’m so out of touch with current systems, I was just wondering about the generations the other day. This is helpful. Thanks.

    This comment is interesting: “NES ushered in the begining of the video game console phenomenon”. I wonder if other historians might dispute this and point to the Atari VCS (what became the 2600) or some other system (Coleco, Intellivision) as the true beginning.

    By the way, I gave away a working NES about 3 years ago. Also, both my mother and mother-in-law have working Atari VCS systems in their homes.

  2. Thx Rodney. I’ll ask Ben (my son the author of this) about why he’s thinking NES rather than Atari is the ‘beginning’. Maybe simply cuz Atari predates him!

  3. The Wikipedia articles include details about the “crash” between the Atari and the NES. So even if the NES wasn’t the beginning, I think it could very fairly said to be responsible for the rebirth.

  4. Tim that makes sense. It’s funny how fast the “old” computer stuff falls out of the lexicon. I remember when the “Apple II GS” was supposed to revolutionize education computing or how about Steve Jobs’ NEXT systems?

    My first computer was a Texas Instruments TI 99 4A. It was actually a pretty great PC back in the day with games, data storage on *cassette cartriges*, and TV as monitor.

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