8 thoughts on “Table Tennis

  1. “Blazing Paddles,” I like it!

    We’re thinking about getting a table for the basement when we finish the reno. Back to the roots of ping-pong for me… debating what rules apply when the ball goes up into the subflooring 😉

  2. Great idea Tommo! Balls are bigger now and games are 11 points. Generally hitting the ceiling/rafter means you lose the point but if it’s low you might all agree it’ll be a let.

    I’ll bring my paddle next trip dude!

  3. I always thought the most sporting approach was to let it rattle around in there, and if it comes down close to in play then go for it…

  4. Great action shot Joe! Who snapped the pic? Do you kiss your balls before a match for good luck? I think I heard that on Johnny Carson once!

  5. Glenn you should’ve been a comedian!

    They actually sent out a photographer – we were the “big story” in the Saturday sports section of the print edition.

  6. I just read the article. That’s very cool, Joe! I had no idea that it was that “serious” or that you were so good at it. It does look like you have a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve played since junior high, and I don’t know if that even counted because I’m sure I flunked – definitely nothing fancy.

    I’d love to know how your opponent retired at 33, too. That doesn’t sound bad at all, either.

  7. I played ping pong mostly as a teenager in a Far Rockaway, NY apartment complex basement, enjoying some new music over the loudspeakers taht hey called “Rock n Roll”, starting with “Earth Angel” and Fender guitars strumming along. Then we would go to the opening of the Alan Freed Brooklyn Paramount R&R show, featuring the best new talent of the era. One of the highlights was when the, seemingly magical part of the stage rose up, and the the “fat man”, Fats Domino, started thumping the keyboard: “I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill…”. The police in the theatre just couldn’t stop us from jumping out of our seats to dance in the aisles. Nostalgia for anyone?

    Now, a bit later in life, we’re moving into a new Ashland home that has a separate studio that I want to use as a rec room (and, yes, I plan to pipe in some classic gold R&R, too). I have a unique outdoor pool table (orig. cost $4K) that I never seem to use in that environment and I plan to bring it indoors (unless someone want to swap me for an attractive regular pool table). I’m thinking of getting a conversion ping pong table top for it. Do you know of the best, least costly, local source for one? We’ll also be looking for some other compatable pool/ping pong enthusiasts to join us, so let us know.

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