Polish Poets to Google: A domain by any other name won’t smell … as sweet.

A group of Polish Poets are holding out their gmail.pl domain name from the Google legal juggernaut. I’m torn between 1) seeing this for what it most likely is, where the poets saw a great opportunity to nab a name that would become a key part of the Google Mail branding strategy and did it and 2) the more entertaining view which is that “do no evil” Google is bulldozing poetry websites to make way for gmail parking lots.

Obviously the best way to resolve such disputes is a poetry contest. I submit this entry:

The Polish Poets, silently
Sat on their small domain

Then mighty Google shouted

Na zdrowie! Said the poets, raising high a glass of beer
This ain’t no joke, solemny spoke, the Google legal tier

“But we all think it’s funny”, said a thousand blogging fools

Get off your Google ass
Give them some Google cash
And call it all … just … cool


Meanwhile, back at the Plex, Google says “Good relationships are built on good communication”. Heh – as long as you don’t use any POETRY!

Phil’s got more and a fine choice of title.

4 thoughts on “Polish Poets to Google: A domain by any other name won’t smell … as sweet.

  1. Thank you Joe for your comments on my little post. I love your blog, it is fun to meet and interact with really creative and intelligent people. Google should let the little people alone, after all we are the ones who make them rich and famous 🙂

  2. Thanks to you too, Phil! I like some things about Google and don’t like others. If they don’t change course on some stuff they’ll be surprised how fast people will “turn” on the idea that Google can do no wrong.

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