USA Today goes social – good for USA Today and good for US

Props to USA Today for going social with their online edition, now complete with blogs, comments profiles, and more.  Here’s the USA Today explanation.

I just set up a profile and it was fairly easy, though it’ll sure be nice when this type of information is portable and one click will sign you up for such things.

Tech folks are currently wrapped up in fairly obscure and/or proprietary issues about how transferable ID information will best move around the web and I hope this gets resolved soon.

Also it’s getting ridiculous to set up a new blog at every Tom, Dick, Harry, and USAToday site you want to post at rather than do what Facebook has done which is allow you to bring your own blog content into Facebook effortlessly. This allows them the benefits of your content without forcing the user to post at several different places.

I should also say that although I’m glad “old” media like USA Today is “getting” the social networks part of the Web 2.0 online revolution, I’m rooting for “pure” online news sites like NewsVine and TechMeme because I think they do a better job of democritizing the news process than legacy media can ever do. In fact I learned about the USA Today changes from Techmeme since I’m not a regular USA Today reader.

Steve Rubel as a nice post about the social networking implications of USA Today’s changes while Matthew Ingram‘s wondering if mom and pop really even care about this stuff.

2 thoughts on “USA Today goes social – good for USA Today and good for US

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