Why Myspace News will fail dramatically. It’s an ADD vs PhD thing.

Today reports are coming in that Myspace will launch a news network. I suppose it has some potential as a giant gossip column/American Idol board, but as a true news outlet Myspace is destined to fail big time. Seems to me that Myspace users and well-informed, thoughtful and analytical news junkies don’t match up well.

Although some of the small networks like Newsvine are good, and the USA Today project has potential, existing social news networks like DIGG and Netscape are pretty bad for all but tech and quirky news because they generally fail to analyze or treat significant stories with much if any respect. The focus is on stories for those with ADD more than those with PhDs. I get more relevant information from watching a Charlie Rose interview than spending comparable time at DIGG, and the average DIGG user is much sharper than the average Myspacer.

3 thoughts on “Why Myspace News will fail dramatically. It’s an ADD vs PhD thing.

  1. Sorry, but I checked out myspace at one time, and I have to say I hate it…I can see it being useful in the “teen” world–my daughters are both fans….but, it is just a giant billboard of nothingness…a giant hole swallowing people up…haha. I do enjoy your posts on some of this new stuff though..you keep me enlightened.

  2. I do have a myspace account and even use it, but that only happened because of a kid relative having his blog on there and insisting on communicating with me via myspace. It’s fun to poke around on myspace for old friends I used to know and even “hang out” with Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly from “The Office”) who has a great blog. But no, it would be hard for me to think of it as a place to get my news, especially, as the article said, if it has the same ugly look and is slow to load. I can’t even imagine the comments (actually, I can… scary).

  3. J and Maggie –

    Compared to Myspace I prefer the idea of people having an online space like their own blog (as both of you do!) and then sharing information. I’m optimistic that MyBlogLog will be a good tool to connect those of us with blogs in a similar way to Myspace but without forcing people to stay within Myspace.

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