Backyard NeXT Cube | San Jose

Backyard NeXT Cube | San Jose

Originally uploaded by ldandersen.

This is a great picture and concept by Ian Anderson of a NEXT Computer, Steve Jobs project that was once hailed as the next big thing, valued at about $15,000 way back in the day of 1980s….. It’s sitting in a lawn now, worthless except as memorabilia of digital days gone by.

Unlike many other “heirlooms”, old computers tend to drop 90-99% of their value after only a few years. Better, faster machines crop up faster than you can order a new PC from Dell.

I think this is important not just as a noteworthy “computers lose value”, but also as a bellweather of the new digital economy where *things* are not really valuable, rather it’s the things *abilities* that are valuable and the abilities are rapidly improving

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