Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset = Microsoft mindset vs Google mindset?

Google’s legendary success, especially in light of Microsoft’s lackluster performance, leads one to wonder about the differences at these two techno behemoths.

Stanford Magazine has a nice feature on the work of Carol Dweck on personal achievement. Here is a summary of the work in a single diagram.

Perhaps the big difference between Google and Microsoft is that the Google culture inspires what Dweck calls a “Growth Mindset”, which the MS culture inspires the “fixed mindset”.

Supporting this model is the idea that where MS seems to ignore criticism Google often embraces it. Also, Google remains open to change – flexible – while Microsoft seems to resist change or even force square pegs into round holes with bloated or “bad fit” applications. For Google, the modifications to the world view are reflected in Google products. This leads to the simpler, more friendly technologies Google is known for.

Meanwhile the MS products rely more on their virtual OS monopoly, big businesses reluctance to change, and their sheer size which allows them to move the market.

Where does Yahoo fit in all this? (disclaimer – I have Yahoo stock) . I think they are the sleeper here, with a culture and people that have the potential to adopt the growth mindset but are currently stymied by market forces and the Google glow.

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2 thoughts on “Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset = Microsoft mindset vs Google mindset?

  1. I saw a page from google but couldn’t remeber the address exactly but the fact is, Google treat their employees as kids and give them toys to play. Thereby creating creativity in their minds. So Google thinks to develop the mindset of its employees that makes the difference.

  2. Market forces seem to apply equally to Google as to Yahoo and if there is any differences in ‘glow’ between Google and Yahoo one wonders if such ‘glow’ is something that has been earned by Google and could have been earned by Yahoo.

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