Wagner Street Talent – roof and porch repairs almost done

Tomorrow we’ll finish roofing the section that needed repairs. The strand board had some warping but it flattened out nicely with screws.

The website HammerZone.com is a great resource for this type of old house remodelling. Lots of 1-2-3 step by steps with pictures.

Today was nice weather-wise but on the roof I was baking my butt so we quit early and will start tomorrow morning earlier than usual to get this done in the cool of the morning.

An Ashland friend has convinced me I should add a staircase up to the very large attic space so this becomes a more valuable feature of the house and I think he’s right, but finding the right place for the stairs is a challenge. The risers can only be about 9″ maximum height and the height to the next floor is about 9 feet 6″, so I need about 13 feet along a wall for the stairs. Also, attic is only high enough to stand near the middle so there are only a few appropriate places for the stairs unless I put in a roof dormer and I’d like to avoid that for now.

Update:  Roofing done.  I am SO sore.  How do people do this stuff all year long?

2 thoughts on “Wagner Street Talent – roof and porch repairs almost done

  1. Would you be thinking that this will become permanent space? Otherwise a nice pull-down staircase seems appropriate.

    Maybe a spiral staircase would work? Not very arts and crafts, but it might fit where nothing else would.

  2. Both good suggestions Tommo. I’ve rejected the cheap pulldowns because the inside rooms will look pretty nice and that would diminish things for potential buyers, but I need to check into “fancier” versions of pulldowns. That would save a LOT of space and time.

    Circular would work well due to space limitations, but I think it is way out of historical context. I’m still struggling with the best way to remodel this place: Full blown expensive (probably NO), vs moderate cost (or a lot more time), keeping it very close to the craftsman style tradition it was built with vs low cost quick and dirty.

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