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Countrywide v. Congress and the China Connection

Today CSPAN had the congressional hearings with Mozilo, who has a 40 year tenure with Countrywide as founder and CEO.  He presided over Countrywide’s meteoric rise and much of the meteoric fall.    I hope people hurry up and wake up to the significance of the events underway in housing right now.    … Continue reading

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Talent Oregon Wagner Street Project

Wow, lots of work on the old house this past 10 days without a lot to show for it but I think the “turning point” is near where things will start to feel more like the big progress I was … Continue reading

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Wagner Street Talent – roof and porch repairs almost done

Tomorrow we’ll finish roofing the section that needed repairs. The strand board had some warping but it flattened out nicely with screws. The website is a great resource for this type of old house remodelling. Lots of 1-2-3 step … Continue reading

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Wagner Street, Talent Oregon

Wow, I always forget how hard it is to do a good few days of physical labor. I’m sore all over the place. The panel passed the inspection and Pacific Power hooked me up so now there is power at … Continue reading

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Wagner Street, Talent Oregon

What better way to process a big project than … blogging! ? Today I had the Pacific Power guy come over tell me what tree trimming was needed to reconnect the service Panel that I’d installed some time ago but … Continue reading

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House Painting

We are almost done painting our house and most of the neighbor report it’s looking good to them. We’ve gotten fancier than last time with 4 colors, the last two just for highlights. I’d started this because I thought we … Continue reading

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