Airports Blog and Online Highways Blog

Well, I’m going blog crazy these days and hope I can keep up the writing pace needed to maintain a bunch of blogs related to website projects. For me, the blog format makes it a lot easier to write a lot. Perhaps this is because I’m a very fast writer but somewhat design challenged. Blog content management allows me to focus only on the words and ideas and not much on the navigation, design, or overall site structure.

The new Travel blog is Online Highways, a companion to our mega travel site. I’m also starting an Airports Blog
as a companion to my languishing Airports website project which *will* get a major overhaul as part of this process.

The President Picker blog is one I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up. Here I will try to keep current with the latest presidential stuff though president news is so overwhelming so early in the process I’m hardly providing much of a service here.

More likely to get maintained will be the Prescription Report blog. This will be a companion to the Prescription Report website. The idea here is simple – whenever I see an advertisement for a new prescription drug I’ll review the drug, trying to provide information about the basics of the drugs include the safety and about the pros and cons of the prescription drug as well as links to company sites and sites with alternative views about the drug.

Another one I have yet to start will feature detailed travel tips from Oregon. This is an area where, theoretically, I’m a big expert so you’d think it would be going by now … but … it’s not. Soon though, soon!

2 thoughts on “Airports Blog and Online Highways Blog

  1. Well, it looks like the boy wonder from Redmond is starting to feel the effects from all of that Bolivian Marching Powder. We have to realize that information technology is the science of manipulating information and that most “real” information is alphanumeric, you know ASCII stuff. Nothing beats the keyboard. I am sure that Bubba and Lurleen will think this the greatest thing to come down the Pike since indoor plumbing for sending pictures of Lil Skeeter to Ma & Pa. But can you imagine trying to do anything with this abortion.

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