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Swine Flu Pandemic deaths in USA: 1 Other USA Flu Deaths: 36,000

Update:  The 2009/2010  H1N1 Swine Flu season is more severe than last year when I wrote this post, though the statistics haven’t shaken out yet.  My current take is that while initial concerns may have been overblown we are *now* … Continue reading

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Oban Scotch for Christmas

I owed a friend a pretty good bottle of Scotch for a favor, and knew he liked Oban Scotch.   Unfortunately I had not checked the local price which is consistently $69.95.   Not bad, but I was shooting for a $50 “thank you” gift.   … Continue reading

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1850 bottle of Scotch sets sales record at almost $60,000

A 157 year old Bowmore Scotch sold for almost $60,000, setting a new world scotch record.  My experiences with single malts have been uninspired – so much so that I’m skeptical about most people who claim to have special tastes for good … Continue reading

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Take two Resveratrols and call me in the morning ?

Noting the number of scams and bogus claims in the nutritional supplement biz I’m always reluctant to accept claims of new “wonder supplements”. However Resveratrol as a “life extension” really looks promising and seems to hold up to scrutiny the … Continue reading

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Airports Blog and Online Highways Blog

Well, I’m going blog crazy these days and hope I can keep up the writing pace needed to maintain a bunch of blogs related to website projects. For me, the blog format makes it a lot easier to write a … Continue reading

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Millions die. Millions more wait to die. All due to our narrow and irrational focus. Man do we suck!

Another one for the “narrow focus kills millions” department: Wikipedia on Rotavirus Vaccines, which are improving and will save *millions* of people: An earlier vaccine, Rotashield by Wyeth-Ayerst, had to be taken off the market in the late 1990s after … Continue reading

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Head on – apply directly to your gullibility and wax your forehead.

Another homeopathic remedy rears it’s silly head with the product I’ve seen advertised so much on TV without any description of what it’s supposed to do.   Apparently that’s because it does .. nothing. Wikipedia: HeadOn is a homeopathic topical … Continue reading

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