American Express Members Project – finding and funding a good idea

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The American Express Members Project is a really neat idea – members will submit and review “good deed” types of projects and American Express will fund the winning project up to 5 million. It’s so great to see that the new corporate standard is to step UP to the plate and do really good, really big things. It’s also (finally) considered very hip and cool to do good things, and that’s …. cool.

16 thoughts on “American Express Members Project – finding and funding a good idea

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  2. I am not a member of American Express, but I saw your ad on television last night and thought I would write you with my idea for a program. I have submitted this idea to Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts but have not heard back. I have called the program “Bottles for Life”. This program families that have lost a loved on can donate the deceased medications (not painkiller drugs) such as HIV, Antibiotics, Heart, Cholesterol, Diabetes etc, rather than throwing them away upon a death. These drugs are usually recent presciptions within the expiration date. Working in the funeral business I see hundreds of bottles of medications that will be thrown away rather than shared with those in the US and especially those in most need in third world nations that cannot afford these medications. It is my thought that families could donate these medications to an approved collection site CVS, Walgreens, OSCO or State Ageny) or given to the funeral director with a form listing the donation. These medications could then be given to programs such as “Doctor’s without Borders” or to church mission to be distributed at clinics in Africa and Central America. In a world that spends so much time and energy recycling paper, glass and plastics in would be so worthwhile to recycle these medications that can save lives of those in dire need. It is such as small way we could all help make a difference and truly give hope and life to those where hope does not exist.

    Tom Johnson

  3. Hi
    I have a hip and cool idea which has a universal appeal. With the right resources and great team work, this idea would touch hearts across the Universe. It has the potential for a great movie. Would like to attract opportunties to discuss this idea of mine with powers that be in American Express.

    Fuzi Hanim

  4. I guess I need to apply for an American Express card. The Environmental Educator is designed for the comics page where it will put the needed education in front of entire national audiences everyday for free. It will end environmental illiteracy the biggest environmental problem we have today. Problem is I could use some help because for 13 years syndications believe there is no market for this and Al Gore suppresses the solution he non-stop cries out for. A dozen years ago when I first asked Al to help get this implemented, I told Al if he didn’t a decade from now he’ll just be screaming louder for a more desperately needed solution. And here we are. Although everyday I ask Al to tell the world how easy it will be for them to become educated, so through knowledge they can and more importantly will become responsible in their daily actions, but Al isn’t insterested in solutions, he’s just all about screaming for an unknown something to come out of the woodwork and finally achieve what every global expert has proven they can’t. So it would be really helpful to the world if American Express would help end the biggest environmental problem we have today, environmental illiteracy.

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  6. My idea is this: I am a childhood ovarian cancer survivor and I am 41 now. I had cancer at age 6. How about finding adults who have survived cancer from childhood to give kids inspiration who are battling cancers as children. Also bringing ipods to the hospitals for them to listen to lullibys and children`s music to calm them during treatments.
    This is my idea. Thanks Laurel

  7. I been working on this idea for forty years, the timing has been wrong up to now.
    It is a personal transportation system, one car, runs on a rail, computer controlled, uses electricity as power, creates electrisityfron sunlite

  8. How much is the golden parachute of the CEO of AmEx? If it’s more than $100 million let’s take some of that back and use it for this “promotion”. Then the “promotion” might actually be worth something.

  9. I find your commercial with Ellen Degenerous insulting. I live in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. It is a beautiful lake and people care about keeping it clean. When she says her bathing suit cought fire after swimming in the lake, it was offensive and totally misrepresents the lake.

  10. I think everyone should help save the wetlands…. I am from a little town in south Louisiana, called Terrebonne Parish. I think people need to be aware of how important our wetland’s really are. They protect us from terrible storms that we so fearfully dread. The most wonderfull food in the world comes from south Louisiana!!!! Not to mention our oil and gas also… Just a thought for words

  11. I was a public school teacher for more than 30 years and developed a wonderful way to help teachers and student improve their academic performance in the classroom. This product is automated and will reduce a teacher’s workload but greatly improve their teaching skills. I thought that the member’s project would be a wonderful way to introduce the product at no cost to schools. Imagine my surprise when the last form that i was to fill out gave all of the rights to my “idea” to American Express. of course, I immediately cancelled my application.

  12. Whale Tails invites you to chip in and save the Ocean & World as you know it… We have a great idea but apparently chose the wrong card.
    · The Ocean covers approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface.
    · The Ocean is what makes Earth unique.
    · The Ocean is what creates and sustains life as we know it.

    Without the Ocean, all of the other 7006 great ideas that American Express might fund through their generous and exciting Members Project won’t matter.
    · Without the Ocean there is no weather, no water, no food, no clouds, no waves, no tides, no fish, no whales, no dolphins, no men, women or children. There are no cities, no seasons, no wind, no islands and no rainbows along with their promise of tomorrow. There is simply nothing!

    Did you know that…
    Southern California alone outputs 1 billion gallons of sewage into the ocean daily?
    · This sewage is deposited 5 miles off of Santa Monica in 180 feet of water.
    China in 2004 spewed 35.6 Billion Cubic Meters of sewage into the ocean?
    · Half or 17.8 Billion Cubic Meters was untreated.
    The World’s Largest Landfill Is In The Middle Of The Ocean?
    · Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an area about the size of Africa that sailors never visit. There is no wind, no nutrients and it’s becoming devoid of anything that sustains life. This area, produced by a subtropical high, is the largest uniform climatic feature on Earth. This area, over ten million square miles, accumulates all the debris of civilization including plastic. Currently there are 6-pounds of plastic for every pound of plankton, an increase of 300% in only 10 years. That number is expected to increase by 10 times in the next decade.
    Man threatens 60% of the remaining Coral Reefs “The Rain Forest Of The Ocean?”
    · Coral Reefs are a vital source of food and serve as protective buffers along fragile coastlines. Though they occupy only one quarter of one percent of the Earth’s marine environment, they are home to more than one quarter of all marine fish species. Due to over fishing, coastal development and pollution, many reefs around the world resemble algae-covered graveyards depleted of fish or any other form of life.
    · 80% of Southeast Asia’s reefs are at risk from coastal development and fishing.
    · Pollutants and coastal development threaten all of the United States reefs.
    · 95% of the reefs of Jamaica and the Antilles Chain have been ravaged by fishing and pollution.
    · 50% of the reefs in Hawaii and 100% in Puerto Rico are in rapid decline.

    The Long-Term Solution lies in providing sustainable funding and support for the individuals and organizations working on finding answers for our future.
    · As a matter of fact and when it comes to research, two thousand heads are better than one! Up till now, research and environmental organizations have worked independently due to the limited and specific nature of funding available. Historically, many if not all organizations have competed for the same dollar and have therefore been reluctant to disclose or universally share information. Despite advances in technology, this competitive model has yielded extremely limited results in creating environmental solutions. Sustainable funding supports and encourages cooperation and the exchange of data so desperately needed to solve issues of the magnitude we now face. The first step is easy…

    Whale Tails Has A Great Idea For A long-Term Solution & We Can All Help.
    · Millions of people from all walks of life shop for food every day. Food is the catalyst for conversation and is at the center of many of the world’s cultures. The overwhelming majority of people want to do something important for their kids, their planet and future generations. There is no better legacy than life! Kids want to help too and kids love Whale Tails and the idea that making responsible choices can make a big difference. Whale Tails makes getting involved as easy as purchasing a bag of some of the best tortilla chips on Earth. They’re made with Organic Corn and flavored with natural (Alaea) Hawaiian Sea Salt. Of course they’re shaped like a Whale’s Tail because they are better for dipping and serve as a reminder that we all need to “Chip in to save the ocean!” A minimum of 10% of the profits are donated to help fund ocean conservation and to create a sustainable resource for open communication and collaboration in the efforts of finding solutions for our ocean and planet alike. Thanks to you and this very creative approach to business, our future may very well be in the bag. Soon available in both 2oz and 9oz sizes. An Ocean of Thanks…

  13. Hello,
    I’d just like to know where I can have an idea submitted to American Express. My idea would greatly impact certain equipment that many of us use daily, and turn them all into “green machines” that would benefit all who use them, and the ecology as well.
    Since I am not a American Express card-holder, I don’t know how, or even if I can present my idea to anyone.
    So please advise, if you care to.
    Thank You,


  14. The Members Project is not what it appears to be. They say throughout the site: “Your ideas. Your decision. Our money.” But, this is not true.

    I found out from a colleague after I submitted my project that the “Terms and Conditions” contradict their statement about “your ideas,” etc. In fact, once you submit a project all ideas and intellectual property are owned by American Express. The actual statement (which is not particularly easy to find) is:

    User Content/Assignment: You irrevocably assign to American Express all rights (including copyrights) in any ideas or expressions of ideas that you provide on or through the Project Site, including without limitation the Project Submission and all comments, suggestions, graphics, ideas (including product and advertising ideas), and other information or materials you submit on the Discussion Boards and otherwise on or through the Project Site (collectively, “User Content”), all of which will become and remain the exclusive property of American Express, including any future rights associated with such materials. American Express and its licensees and designees shall have the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works from, distribute, and display the User Content for any purpose (including without limitation for purposes of advertising, publicizing, and promoting Members Project, other versions of Members Project, and/or American Express or its affiliates), in any media whatsoever, now or hereafter known, throughout the universe in perpetuity, without compensation (monetary or otherwise) or notice to you (collectively, “Usage Rights”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, you (and applicable third parties) shall retain all ownership rights to any Support Material you provide (other than the audio recording of your personal message, which shall be owned by American Express), but hereby grant to American Express and its licensees and designees all Usage Rights (subject to any limitations specifically identified to American Express in writing with respect to any third-party element incorporated in the Support Material).

    You release and waive all claims against the American Express Parties with respect to any intellectual property or other proprietary rights, rights of privacy and publicity, rights of attribution, or any other liability under the governing law of the United States.

    I found this to be shockingly sleazy. My professional work is tied to my project, and this presents a huge problem.

    I wrote to American Express to withdraw my project and they said they couldn’t do it, even though the following appears on their site:

    Q: Can I withdraw my project?
    A: Yes. If you withdraw your project, it will be noted as withdrawn on the site. Once you withdraw a project, you may submit a new project if the submission deadline has not passed. You also may recommend another project to support, if you wish.

    It’s a SCAM. Stay away.

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