Googleizing Feedburner

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Internet Travel Guy, Father of 2, small town Oregon life. BS Botany from UW Madison Wisconsin, MS Social Sciences from Southern Oregon. Top interests outside of my family's well being are: Internet Technology, Online Travel, Globalization, China, Table Tennis, Real Estate, The Singularity.
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3 Responses to Googleizing Feedburner

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  2. Tio says:

    Under the guise of “More Precise Ad Targeting” Google has created the most incredible spying machine that has ever existed on the face of the planet. They have recorded everything you have ever searched for and attached it to your IP address. In addition, if you use google adwords, gmail or other personalized services they have also added your complete information profile into the mix. So what can you do to keep from being tracked when using search engines? Click this story for more information..

  3. mitesh says:

    i also want to use feedburner in my websites

    pls tell how to start

    any free tutorials available to learn online

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