Blogging Revolution – Mashup Camp blogs

Hey Scoble!

Here are some good bloggers you may have missed though I’m sure you know some of them. The list is from the Mashup Camp conference series run by David Berlind ( a very good blog there as well) and Doug Gold who do a great job showcasing some of the new mashup companies and mashup providers like Google, Yahoo, MSN. I’m sorry to miss the one coming up in about a week in Mountain View but I’ll be in Philadelphia wondering how the founders would view the current state of our their great American experiment.

Mashup Camper Blogs:

Adam Trachtenberg

Adrian Blakey

5 thoughts on “Blogging Revolution – Mashup Camp blogs

  1. I came across your comment while I was perusing past posts of Chico the Wonder Dog. You must have posted it after I read it the last time. Thanks for the comment and please tell your Chico the Wonder Dog of Oregon that Chico the Wonder Dog of California has gone to doggie heaven to guard the ten by four foot lawn God planted there for small (in stature only) dogs and maybe they’ll meet there someday.
    He still visits once in a while and I kept his posts for references,-just in case. See ya!

  2. Jim sorry to hear that. Your Chico was a fine loyal dog and I’m sure it was hard to lose him.

    Robert I’m off to Philadelphia this week but I will try to get some reviews of other blogs after that – I need to put my blog where my mouth is and find and review the people I’m saying are not getting their fair share of attention.

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