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Mashup Camp and Convergence08

Looking forward to two upcoming conferences – Mashup Camp and the very first Convergence 08 conference. Mashup Camps have been coming to Mountain View for over two years, bringing great startups for their product launches as well as lively discussions … Continue reading

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Mashup Camp 6 in Mountain View

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Programmable Web continues to rock

If you are interested in how mashups are shaking up the web world, or interested in mashing up your own content, John Musser’s Programmable Web is the best place to start.    This is a  very well-designed website with enormous … Continue reading

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Public Speaking Tips from Brett

Brett Tabke is the excellent owner and “last stop” moderator of WebmasterWorld, the largest forum in the world dealing with Search Strategies and SEO. “PubCon” is the WMW conference and is held annually in Las Vegas and at other cities … Continue reading

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Blogging Revolution – Mashup Camp blogs

Hey Scoble! Here are some good bloggers you may have missed though I’m sure you know some of them. The list is from the Mashup Camp conference series run by David Berlind ( a very good blog there as well) … Continue reading

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Raining on the Gadget/Widget parade, Jeremy?

When Yahoo’s Jeremy is concerned about something technical you *always* need to pay close attention, as he’s one of the most knowlegeable observers of the internet landscape as well as a key driver of Web 2.0 innovation over at the … Continue reading

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Who, what, which Wiki?

There’s a new search in Internet Town called WikiSeek that is creating a search within Wikipedia and sites linked to by Wikipedia. It’s an excellent idea though I’m not clear it’ll lead to better results than a normal search engine … Continue reading

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