Gettysburg, PA Dobbin House

Dobbin House

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Gettysburg PA.

Now this town really knows how to do tourism. Sure there are a lot of silly tours and silly shops (Battleground Fries?) but the town is clean, pretty, historically fascinating.

We had a great lunch at Dobbin House Tavern. Built in 1776. Underground Railroad slave hideaway in 1800’s. Candlelit tavern feel with waiters in period dress. Good Sandwiches and a great little history primer menu – I love those! Prices about the same as Dennys.

Our spotless $49 per night (coupon book rate) Days Inn with hot waffles for breakfast remains a trip highlight. One more night in New Jersey and I think the kids would have run away for good.

The National Historic Park has an excellent self guided auto tour (free) and had a superb introduction to the battleground and strategies of the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg on a very large map with little lights that you sit around in a small square amphitheatre. Well worth the $4 and one of the few things I remember from my last trip here about 32 years ago. They are getting rid of it to install new media and touchscreens in a fancy new visitor center next year. I almost felt guilty being a touchscreen guy because this was cheap, effective, educational, great technology.

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3 thoughts on “Gettysburg, PA Dobbin House

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  2. This past Nov, our family had the most wonderful and indeed delightful dinner at the Dobbin House. It wasn’t a first for my husband and I but, it was for our 2 grandchildren, ages 11 and 13. They loved it and raved about the food. I will say this, those scallops I had were done to perfection. The service was outstanding. Come March we plan on eating there once again.

  3. Sounds great Linda. We were there for lunch and just had sandwiches but they were very good, prices were great, and the candlelit ambiance of a cellar tavern from the revolutionary era was … priceless.

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