Travel Tip: Roomsaver Travel Coupons Rock

Here we are in Gettysburg, PA.    The Days Inn here in Gettysburg is simply excellent with well appointed, extremely clean rooms and comfort.   Grounds are spotless and pretty.  The pool is large, warm, clean.  Desk staff has been *outstanding* and professional.   Rack rate at the Days Inn website was $141 but the Roomsaver Coupon made the rate $49.00.

Roomsaver and other major discount coupon havepage after page of advertising and a few bad maps.   But don’t underestimate these coupons.  The books generally require that this “walk in, only when rooms are available” rate be the lowest the property offers to the public, and in my experience this has been the case.   More importantly the availability of these is very good on most days.    Even in tourism hot spots like here in Gettysburg hotels generally have vacancies Sunday-Thursday nights.    Do NOT expect to use the coupons on Friday or Saturday nights or during special events or high crowd times, but always ask about availability of discounts and always keep coupon books in your car.  You’ll find them at many McDonalds and gas stations, especially those along the interstates.


For mid-week travel try coupon book rates which are often 60% or more off the regular rates.

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