Talent, Oregon = Home!

As much as I enjoy travel, the more places I go the more happy I am living here in Talent, Oregon.    The pace back east is too fast and I think folks get so wrapped up in traffic and the hectic routines of daily city life that they have less time to enjoy just living, and perhaps even less time to do the innovative philosophical waxing that makes the west coast the capital of global innovation (trumpet fanfare here).    But maybe that’s a stretch.

I sure enjoyed the history at Philadelphia and Gettysburg and will be writing more on that as I process the many photos I took on the trip.   Pennsylvania Dutch Amish culture was fascinating and we had some neat drives through the back roads of Lancaster County, past verdant hillsides and historic farms with Amish folks driving around in horse drawn buggies and working the fields with horse teams.   Atlantic City and the Jersey Shores were the “low point” of the trip but I think part of that was the crazy NJ road system which seems to intentionally misdirect you at critical places.   I missed taking a picture of one intersection along the tollway where there were about 8 “stop” and “do not enter” signs, all within twenty feet of each in a tangle of instructions that could only have been approved by a transportation planner on LSD.

2 thoughts on “Talent, Oregon = Home!

  1. Ha – good point. One interesting Amish tech note is that the elders did not anticipate cellular phones and failed to ban them quickly, so they are now pretty common in Amish households even as conventional land line phones are banned. Even the Amish now have global, satellite based connectivity despite their aversion to it.

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