Pennsylvania Penses

Several questions have come up on this PA trip.  What better way to remember the questions and (as I find them) the answers than to … blog them:

How do Evening Primroses work?

What puts the fire in a firefly / lightening bug?

What is a Township?

What is a Pike?

Why is the bizarre Trojan War art exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art considered a significant contribution to contemporary art rather than just “silly”.

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Penses

  1. Okay…. off the top of my head:
    Fireflies: its not just the lucipherinase that is of interest to scientists but the fact that we seem to be losing alot of fireflies. Would be a shame to lose the species before we discover the secret of on-demand cold light.

    A pike? Ah, best explanation I can think of is to suggest you think of the photos they always have of the Swiss Guards who guard the Pope. They are depicted carrying these large poles with a spear point on top and a curved blade. Firemen carry pikes too. A ‘Turn Pike’ was a toll road and a pike would be used as a sort of ancient toll gate. Most roads in this country were originally toll roads and were ofcourse privately built, even if constructed along a federally chosen route. Enjoy the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

    Township is a political subdivision often resulting in some confusion because a town of a certain name will have certain boundaries but there may well be dozens of other towns that are still inside the Township and often eight townships within a county.

    ‘significant contribution’ translates to ‘I can’t think of anything in particular to say about it, but if I claim its significant, others may think so to’. Its “PR speak”.

  2. Hey FG – thanks for a great roundup! I think Ben Franklin himself would have enjoyed your broad perspective on many topics.

    The Art was by “Cy Twombly”. His pieces command huge sums at Art sales but I still don’t get it.

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